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Protect the Wildlife in Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is home for many different forms of life. They need your help now!

Sunshine Coast Council have invested approximately 6.87 milion dollars in public money on the Rainforest Discovery Centre + Environment Levy acquisitions - investment into 2 properties to extend the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in a bid to grow this natural gem on the Sunshine Coast.

There is now another development application to build an NBN microwave tower next to Mary Cairncross Park that is open for objections/submissions – please be aware these close on the 16th of this month (February 2018). Please, if you would like to help by lodging your objection, please email and I will help you with this.

The construction/operation of Wireless Towers instead of the superior and more cost effective long term service over fibre optic cable will directly affect the Cairncross bat colony route, not to mention the whole ecosystem that is Mary Cairncross Reserve.

An NBN tower from the Scenic Amenities point is polluting very prominent and significant locally and internationally recognised scenery and is putting one of the Queensland’s rarest Nature -Tourism destinations at great risk.

It is heartening to know that some of our elected officials seem to hold Mary Cairncross as the shining jewel that it is. Mayor Mark Jamieson seems well aware of its value with recent comments:

 “We have already identified numerous important and vulnerable plant and wildlife species on the newly acquired sites and our council officers are excited to undertake flora and fauna assessments to build our knowledge of how to best preserve and protect what we have here for future generations."

“That is what these purchases are all about – protecting our environment for our children, our grandchildren.”

“It attracts about 200,000 people annually from around the country and overseas and this new Discovery Centre, with so many unique features to enjoy, is going to significantly add to the experience they will receive while they are here."

“Most importantly, it will improve council’s ability to deliver on the Thynne sisters’ desire to conserve and exhibit the reserve’s stunning flora, fauna and scenery.”

Councellor Jenny McKay has also been vocal in opposing this tower due to its negative impacts on the park and its inhabitants.

Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism, Major Events and the Commonwealth Games Kate Jones said the new Discovery Centre at the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve would be a huge drawcard for visitors to the Sunshine Coast.

“We know that visitors to Queensland love exploring our great outdoors and getting close to nature”

“Nature-based tourism is a key part of Queensland’s $23 billion tourism industry and our Government is committed to building this sector and creating jobs for Queenslanders."

Independent scientists all over the world come out with more and more studies and research about electromagnetic field influences and disrupting effects on wildlife, and the overall adverse effects that non-ionising radation has on biological systems in general.

Insects, birds and bats are the first to suffer, because their navigation systems depend on fine ultra sounds. The microwave tower frequencies are too strong for them to maintain a healthy life.

With such towers nearby:

  • Bird reproduction is endangered. There are species in park, that are rare.
  • Bat hearing is endangered. They depend on it after dark and they play a very important role in our ecosystem.
  • Bees get disorientated and loose their productivity. Without bees there is no food.
  • Platypus and other monotremes have electromagnetic sensors in their beaks, which is how they find food as their eyesight is poor and the murky light in creek waters create an environment where they are dependant on this powerful inner technology, that can easily be disrupted by EMR. See the paper attached.
  • A large amount of funding has already been put into saving the Richmond Birdwing butterfly and they are among other pollinators that could disappear from the Reserve forever.
  • The beautiful old trees in the park could suffer diseases that are associated with high electromagnetic radiation.
  • Many human beings world wide have developed electro hypersensitivity or other ill - health effects from overexposure to daily electromagnetic waves. In Sweden and Norway this condition is officially recognized by government institutions. It is not a disease. It is a condition that one suffers from environmental influences. Many scientists, University professors, and doctors confirm this.

The risk of building such tower near the park can possibly endanger one of the main tourism attractions in Maleny.

Sunshine Coast Council are investing millions in developing a high standard tourist attraction on Mary Cairncross, let them know, that we expect them to stop this project proposal!

We cannot afford to pay such a high price!

What use will extra radiation and an inferior Wireless Internet be to our children without natural resources to live a healthy life?

Help us to raise the voice of the wider community and express our wish to keep the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve as a place to retreat and revive for future generations and see the fibre-optic cables on top of the range.

Please, tell everyone you know about this!

Marry Cairncross park belongs to the wildlife and every single person, whether you are local or a visitor.

Your voice matters!

Please be aware that we, and no one in the hinterlands that we know of object to the NBN. The objection is with the lack of a proactive approach to the future of our children and the flora and fauna that we share this area with.

In the first place, a wired (predominantly fibre optic cable) NBN Service would be a far superior and effective option. Secondly, it would be far superior in performance (even without considering the typical weather patterns of the Hinterland and the undulating landscape which are detrimental to the performance of wireless technologies). Thirdly and most importantly for the health of our children, animals and plants

Just a few reference links with information about the above mentioned risks and other factors:

What Parents Need To Know About Safe Technology link

Bats are protected: link

Richmond Birdwing butterfly is vulnerable: link

Man - made electromagnetic noise disrupts birds compass: link

Bats are suffering from high electromagnetic field frequencies: link, link

Wi-fi negatively effects the trees: link

Wireless devices and wildlife: link, link

About Electromagnetic sensitivity: link

14 independent scientist lead “BioInitiative project” - Safe Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields: link

Electrosensitivity officially recognized in Sweden: link

Potential Wireless Health Effects: link

There are some more resources and research links here

Please be aware these resources and study links are the tip of the iceberg, but well and truly enough to make better decisions when it comes to the health of all living things that are adversely affected by the arbitrary proliferation of Wireless Towers.


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