Community Safety for Palmwoods Queensland

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I am starting this petition as a concerned member of the Palmwoods community.

Palmwoods residents have put in numerous complaints with the Council and TMR all to be ignored.
The intersections of Palmwoods are becoming a life and death situation, with several crashes happening each week.
The residents are desperate for action before a life or lives are lost.
The town needs urgent attention to the intersections at Chevallum Rd and Jubilee Drive/ Margaret St  intersections. These are incredibly dangerous as there is a big blind spot with the railway bridge.
Families are having to run the gauntlet daily risking their lives. Three crashes happened at this intersection last week.

The town also needs attention to the Churchill & Dunning St intersections onto Palmwoods Montville Rd.  These are also death traps with near misses daily. With the current town planning approval of a shopping complex this needs to be addressed with a matter of URGENCY. A suggestion at these two would be to have roundabouts at these intersections and road calming through the town , this would provide safe entry to those needing to cross this very busy road. Speed and poor vision make all these points of concern a death trap waiting to happen.

The population of palmwoods is increasing at a significant rate with all the Housing estates underway.
We as a Community are needing change, NOT as a wish list but as a matter of PUBLIC SAFETY!