Keep the j shed for artists, find another appropriate site to build a brewery

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We quite possibly will be the last artists in residence at the one j shed in fremantle.  That means no more artists in the bathers bay arts precinct. Currently people come from all over the world to experience Bronze pour techniques in Greg James sculpture studio. On July 1 2017 the 20+ yr lease will be activated by a commercial interest that plans to develop the unit into a 450+ seat resturant/ brewery.  This will destabilise the current long term artist residents of the shed and will take the A class reserve housing the sculpture park as outdoor seating  for the brewery / resturant.  There are many sites that would be far more appropriate to be used in this context. The significance of the site where the shed is situated marks the first arrival of europeans. Many local indigenous people lost their lives here, during the carving of the cliffs thats built the round house. Building a pub here is culturally  insensitive and an inappropriate use of the space.