Remove Acellus from Sunset Beach Elementary School

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Sending in the petition please email teachers and administrators

Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition. We are striving to get the best school experience for our keiki in these challenging times.  I am sending in this petition to the school administrators this morning. I am asking you to email your students teachers as well as Principal Elkington, and ask them to please remove this program from our school.  You can even copy and paste the following staement and send it to them.  We want to work with our school in making this the best possible year in these trying times and have an open dialogue with the school about our students education. After using the Acellus program for the first week several alarming examples have arisen across the state of inappropriate, racist and factually wrong information. As well as the concern for its very remedial and repetitive instruction. The President of WASC's Accrediting Commision for Schools, Barry Groves, has said that Acellus Learning Accelerator is not accredited. This program has no place in any school unless it has been properly vetted and found acceptable for students to use. We would like for our teachers to take over the role of Acellus and teach our keiki. We are asking that Sunset Beach Elementary listen to our concerns and work with us instead of telling us to leave the school. 

Sunset Parent
1 year ago