Save HMV Peterborough

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On Tuesday the 5th of February we received the devastating news that our HMV store was one of the 27 stores to be closed, effective immediately, after the new purchase of the brand. Since this time 3 of those 27 stores have now been reopened, and the owner has been quoted as saying his goal is to keep all 127 stores, so we know we mustn't give up hope for our store too.

This shop meant so much more to us than just a job, we have so much passion for what we sold, and we had such a hardworking, wonderful team there, that we simply aren't willing to give up on that. The store also meant a lot to the community as we have seen through the amazing amount of support we have received from the public so far, including interviews with the Peterborough Telegraph and the BBC, and we can see how much people miss the store already.

For a lot of people in the area there isn't an easily accessible HMV/Fopp store now that the Peterborough store is closed, as many of the other stores in the vicinity would be costly and difficult to get to when relying on public transport.

We need to prove how much Peterborough needs an HMV and how much it means to the community, so please sign the petition, and hopefully Sunrise Records will reconsider the closure of our much-loved store. 

If you really want to go the extra mile, please consider tweeting about why you loved our store using #SaveHMVPeterborough or join our facebook group