Confirmed victory

Mobile Suit Gundam is a long standing science fiction saga the likes of which not seen since Star Wars or Star Trek that asks important questions of an emerging spacefaring species like our own.

Gundam was first introduced to the west over a decade ago at an awkward point in its life where it had entered an experimental phase after the bulk of its main story had run its course and production focused on self-contained 1-shot series that take place in their own separate timelines. This lead to confusion and disenterist as people found characters they'd grown attatched to would never be returning for sequels save for "End cap" movies like Endless Waltz or Awakening of the Trailblazer. Gundam's popularity fell as it had been introduced to the western world "Backwards" or "Upside Down" - along the lines of being shown the Star Wars movies out of order... Interest was peeked in some but it just didn't hold attention the same way it had done in the rest of the world like Itally for example where they've been getting Gundam nearly from the start(and "In the right order")!  

Eventually, compounded with the fact that the distribution model that Bandai America had been using became obsolete by the internet, they withdrew from the west and many of Sunrise's titles fell into "License Hell" where they were out of print for english distribution. DVDs are available through but supplies are slim and prospects of North American localization of upcoming series are in doubt. 

Now at it's 35th anniversary, Gundam has returned to focus on the bulk of its story content in the Universal Century timeline with "Gundam Unicorn", "Gundam The Origin: I" and"Reconguista in G" nearing completion!

Now is the time for Gundam to spread its wings to the world and be properly introduced! Sunrise has already announced efforts to increase sales in Cenrtal Asia:

So I ask - why not The Americas and Europe? Love for giant robots is in the blood of us all and that's the purpose of this petition - to show Sunrise and Bandai that there are still Gundam fans over here and to show Nozomi/RightStuf that they need to jump on the western distribution licenses proper one way or another and give Gundam the attention it deserves!! WE WANT OUR GUNDAM BACK!! 

Letter to
Sunrise Bandai
Bring Gundam Back to the Western World! WE WANT GUNDAM!!