Butcher's Corner Petition (corner of Wolfe Rd, El Camino & Fremont Ave)

Butcher's Corner Petition (corner of Wolfe Rd, El Camino & Fremont Ave)

December 7, 2016
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Sunnyvale City Council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Citizens


We, the local residents of Sunnyvale and surrounding areas, petition our Sunnyvale City Council Members to accept the Planning Commission’s Recommendations for the Butcher's Corner Project as follow:

1.       Do not certify the proposed Environmental Impact Report (EIR) but instead require that it be updated to include an updated traffic study.  The traffic study included in this EIR uses a list of projects compiled two years ago and therefore does not reflect the current situation.  This traffic study should be updated to include all of the current surrounding projects in the area and the traffic figures should be rerun with this updated information.  Additionally, the growth factors for intersection traffic volume should be updated and included in the updated traffic study, with documentation as to their source.

 2.      If a special Development Permit is considered by the City Council, then accept  the Planning Commission’s Recommendations as follows:

a)      Limit the height of buildings on Fremont Avenue to 4 stories.

b)      Limit the approved number of units to the minimum 99.

c)      Insist on ingress/egress on El Camino and possible coordination with Oakwood Silicon Valley.

d)      Save the two other heritage trees not currently saved.

e)      Present videos/photos from a drone at maximum approved building height ( i.e. 4 or 5 or 7 stories) to show the view of the surrounding neighborhood to assess potential privacy issues.

f)       Consider VTA versus Caltrain passes.

g)      Research accessing the purple pipe water system on Wolfe Road.

h)      Consider reusing as many of the 70 heritage trees as possible.

i)        Consider planting large trees along the Fremont Avenue and the townhome borders.

Additionally, we would like to petition the following:

3.      Require that the updated EIR as discussed in 1. (above) be updated to include a more accurate student generation rate because the one used likely does not properly reflect the historical student population generation for the Stocklmeir School. A more accurate rate, based on the actual Stocklmeir ATT rate should be utilized. The updated rate should be used to update both a) the attendance figures for Stocklmeir School and b) provide sufficient reason to revise upward the average 2.61 average occupancy figures. The new occupancy figures should be utilized in the update to the traffic study (above).

4.      Accept the Heritage Preservation Commission’s recommendation to designate all 6 oak trees, the one large 300 year old Valley Oak plus the 5 Coast Live Oak trees near the corner of El Camino Real, as Heritage Resource trees.

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Signatures: 662Next Goal: 1,000
Support now