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Severe fines to punish animal abusers

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Application of severe punishment with higher fines to the animals abusers (abuse, neglect, mistreat or similar to all kinds of pets and wild life animals). Congress has to STOP abuse from this kind of people that mentally could be insane or instable since they take (and will keep taking) advantage of life that cannot defend itself, it is a common factor from killers, women’s abusers, and child abusers to maintain control their environment through violence and negligence against those who are weak, scare, or can’t help themselves. EVERYBODY has to stop this kind of abuse from the source! ANIMAL abuse is the first sign of a BAD adjustment to society no respecting life on any kind. Instead of the perpetrators getting a small fine and maybe a light jail sentence, the punishment should be more severe OR AT LEAST same as the damage done and the cost for repairs. IN JONESBORO, GEORGIA, (CLAYTON COUNTY) there was a case of abuse where the owner of a pup (SUNNY) slowly kept the pup outside, tied to a three with a wire that slowly cut her skin, hurt her time after time until her throat was totally cut off (Sunny got rescued after so many weeks of suffering), and veterinarians did not even think she will go to make it (AFTER 5hr operation/rehab, medicines & care) she recover. THE FINE to her owner was ONLY $1,000 USD (WHEN SUNNY –only her surgery procedure ranged above $4,000 USD) plus her boarding, care, medicines, etc. THIS CASE has not a good balance as a result.. Despite extensive evidence linking cruelty to animals to serious violent offences against people, the judiciary continue to treat such crimes as largely trivial matters. NO ANY MORE!!! Will you help us?, will you help Sunny from Georgia to help other animals to have responsible ownership for their pets??? Will you help society to make stricter rules! So people stop acting like there are lives of 2nd or 3rd degree and they can decide whether they live or die?.... will you stop a criminal at its source and probably then stop a future killer or humans? IT ONLY TAKES ACTION… this is sunny’s story will you help her???? IF SO SIGN THE PETITION! Takes you only 5 seconds!... THANK YOU (Pao L Strickland) & SUNNY the doggie

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