Save Our Kids! Stop Building Tolled Tunnels and Filter All Exhaust Stacks Near Schools

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Imagine your child’s entire childhood and education blighted by pollution, traffic, noise, disruption — and worse.

That’s what’s in store for hundreds of thousands of Sydney kids from over 250 primary and secondary schools and childcare centres across Sydney within 3km of proposed WestConnex, NorthConnex, Western Harbour Tunnel, BeachesLink and F6 Gateway toll tunnels and exhaust stacks, facing 5 years of 24-7, non-stop construction near schools and homes.

You only need to see what’s happened to communities already affected by such construction.

Forced undervalued acquisitions. Devastated property values. Damaged homes. Destroyed parks. Disrupted sleep. Safety violations. Toxic fumes. Shuttered businesses. No consultation or information.

And once they’re operational, the tunnels will have unfiltered exhaust stacks spewing out millions of tonnes of exhaust pollution, dangerous diesel particulates and other toxins every day.

This toxic air pollution will fall on our children’s schools, our homes and the parks where they play every day, exposing communities and families up to 3 km away to the grave health impacts of exhaust pollution.

Affecting the development of little lungs and brains. Causing premature births and birth defects. Serious respiratory illnesses, including asthma, bronchitis and cancer. And worse.

Local residential streets will be choked with rat run traffic as drivers avoid expensive tolls, further increasing the risk of dangerous accidents near homes and schools.

But despite the damage already done, the Government is pushing ahead with more expensive toll tunnels, steamrolling community concerns.

Despite Planning Minister Anthony Roberts and Premier Gladys Berejiklian saying we should filter stacks that the pollution from unfiltered stacks is like the “new asbestos”, and a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry into WestConnex calling for all stacks to be filtered, the Government WON’T filter toll tunnel exhaust stacks.

Education Minister Rob Stokes agrees, saying he won't be party to putting stacks near kids and that "there's no way in hell that I'd support any development that would put the lives of pupils, teachers and parents at risk."

We know we need infrastructure – we just need to make sure it’s done right, for our kids and our community.

Please help us get the Government to listen to us and sign our petition calling to stop building tolled tunnels and filter all existing and future stacks, especially near schools and childcare centres.

And for our kids’ sakes, please share this petition.