Sundial Deck Cost

Sundial Deck Cost

August 2, 2020
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Sundial Homes
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Why this petition matters

Started by Norman Wright

This petition is for those who bought a home from Sundial and are now being made to purchase a deck due to grading requirements.

We have all been blindsighted by this unexpected cost but above all else we were surprised at the cost of the deck given the size and materials they are offering.

If we unite together to voice our concerns we are more likely to get a appropriate response from sundial.

In summary the issues are :

1. Unexpected expense 

2. Overcharging for deck 

3. No choice in regards to materials or look

4. No visual image was provided so we have no idea what we are paying for 

5. No breakdown of how they came up with the fee for the deck 

6. We should only be paying what the deck is worth at cost -seeing as it is not a optional upgrade

Ideally by banding together and signing this petition we could do at least one of the following..

1. Have the fee waived 
2. Have the fee reduced 
3. Have the deck size increased to match price 
4. Have the deck materials improved to match price 


Support now
Signatures: 32Next Goal: 50
Support now

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