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Pewdiepie for Youtube CEO - #PewdiepieCEO #SaveYoutube

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Dear Sundar Pichai

I'm concerned about the last youtube problems perceived by all the content creators on the site, even pewdiepie the the site's bigger youtuber has been affected by this apparent premeditated censorship of the site. Just as me, many content creators has been demonetized without any further explanation, and some of the biggest  channels are dying right now (no monetization = less popular content creation = less visits to youtube = less profit for youtube).

The majority of contents creators affected by the last ad-pocalypse blame Susan Wojcicki for all this shameful changes on the website. And content consumers are very disappointed at looking all of their favorite youtubers being replaced for low quality content on the Youtube's feed page.

It's most likely that Susan Wojcicki doesn't know how to do the CEO job, as she makes it clear on her last video ( ). It's clear that she doesn't know what a youtuber is, asking for suggestions about Youtube content to hollywood stars and Instagram trenders. So I postulate to Pewdiepie as CEO. I know he has no background as a businessman but I'm sure that he can make a better Youtube for us all (creators and consumers) as a man who knows what the consumer wants.

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