3 Tips to Sundar Pichai to make Advertisers and Publishers Happy on YouTube

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Mainstream newspapers carried news about how advertisers are planning to boycott Youtube due to content issues and some other concerns. Publishers, on the other hand, are complaining about lower ad revenues from the start of Jan 2018. Plus new Youtubers are restricted to show ads till they make around 4000 Hours or 1000 subscribers in last 12 months which is quite difficult for technical and niche channels.

In view of this, I have come up with 3 simple suggestions for Youtube to implement. I am a freelance web developer and digital marketer by profession and I do feel strongly that these three changes can be a win-win situation for everybody involved - the advertiser, the publisher and Google(Youtube). No doubt Google is a big company and there are 1000's of people working on finding a solution for this but these are my personal suggestions.

Tip 1:

Increase Time Limit of Skippable Ads: Time limit at present is 5 seconds. This should be increased to 10 or 15 seconds after proper study and evaluation. This will give the advertiser more value for money as they will be able to convert more leads or sales. This will eventually drive in more advertisers which will improve the balance between availability of videos and advertisers.

Tip 2:

Replace Small Banner at Bottom: At present Youtube shows non-intrusive banner ads at the bottom of the videos for better user experience. However, this should be changed to large banner ads in the center with automated video pause option. The user will have to wait for 5 seconds. However, there should be a limit to the number of such ads shown per video or per segment of x minutes. Those who feel the ads a bit intrusive always have the option to subscribe to Youtube Red.

Tip 3:

Expand reach for Non-Skippable ads: Lot of quality content channels have a large number of subscribers and Youtube provides these channels with awards such as Silver, Gold etc. These awards are given after proper verification, ie. only quality content creators receive these awards. These publishers should be provided with non-skippable ads by default. Necessary changes should be carried at the Adwords ends to make this work. This will not only pull advertisers to Youtube but build trust among quality Youtube publishers as they will view this as an award for extra effort put in.

This is a friendly petition to Google Inc and Sundar Pichai so that they take notice of these suggestions. These are my personal suggestions and there is immense possibility that there are other issues which needs to be addressed like user experience. Hope that somebody takes notice and works on it.

Abhilash Pillai

Web Developer & Digital Marketer


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