Bogus Guru Sundar Gopal (Singapore): "I too was bullied" - Add your story in Comments

Bogus Guru Sundar Gopal (Singapore): "I too was bullied" - Add your story in Comments

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Daya Senan started this petition to Sundar Gopal Das and

Sincerely (?) deluded by the power of having *some* little bit of powerful theoretical scriptural knowledge, the poor fellow is thoroughly bound in Maya.  He has abused and ruined the lives of many a sincere spiritual seeker for decades....

The attached poster ( states a prominent quality of Sundar Gopal Das.  It says:


All we want you to do, for the benefit of Sundar Gopal and to help protect more victims of his abuse, and thus spoiling of the good, holy names of Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, is to say, "Yes: I have seen that he openly has this determination." That's all.


Please stand with truth and be counted!  Enough is Enough!!


If you have this documentary evidence, please share it with us and the world via Change Dot Org or via Facebook: ( or FB - )

Thank you...

We heard that Sundar once made all the Brahmacaris (celibate monks) in his temple to sign a form which stated (approx.):-

'Sundar Gopal is my real Guru. My initiating Guru, Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaj, is just my Rubber Stamp Guru.'. They had to sign this form, if not they were forced to leave the temple!  

Some of them signed and stayed. Some intelligent ones (like Prof Ishwar Haritas* sent that form to their Guru Maharaj Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaj in Iskcon Bhubaneswar, and asked Maharaj if they should sign it.

Maharaj, being a true saintly, self-realised sadhu, replied honestly at once:  "He is a demon. All of you, my disciples, pack your bags at once and leave his temple and come to Iskcon Bhubaneswar!"

The true disciples of this Saint left at once to Bhubaneswar.  The foolish blind followers of Sundar, disobeyed their Guru and remained behind to be further bullied and tormented by him for many years, till they eventually grew wise and left him....because they too (3 are married to Sundar's sisters!!) saw that he was indeed desperate to *force* everyone to worship him as Guru (something a true Guru never does!)....and in the Vedic tradition, a saintly Guru is to be worshipped as the perfect representative of God, to be obeyed always!!! Wow! No wonder those with narcissistic tendencies like Sundar strive so hard to become Gurus and be fawned upon and adulated by ignorant followers, instead of trying to act as a perfect disciple of their own Guru and thus automatically earn the respect of followers because of their humility, good conduct and pure devotion!  They would rather demand respect and coerce it!  And then... When they leave him.... he turns against them, as many have experienced, making false police reports, threatening them etc etc etc.!

So if you have experienced first hand that there is any truth in this quality of S G Das, please vote yes, and leave comments with your story if you are not living in fear of him. Hare Krishna. Thank you.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare


*Sundar Gopal later 'confiscated' the passport of then-SIA-scholar Prof Haritas and tried to get his student visa cancelled but he failed....and the Ministry of Education officials happily returned the passport to the poor student!  So dramatic!! �  Hare Krishna!


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