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All of the actors and crew in The Red Road are simply amazing. From Jason Momoa to Kiowa Gordon to Martin Henderson to Tamara Tunie to Allie Gonino to Annalise Basso to Tom Sizemore to Wes Studi. 

It ended too suddenly.  A week after the last show you pull the plug. You reel the fans in by giving us two free episodes on Sundance (for those of us who don't subscribe to the Sundance channel) and then four episodes later you end it all.  I paid to watch those last four episodes because I am a devoted fan of the show.  If renewed for Season 3, I would do it again. I am sure there are many fans who would do the same.

We all understand this is business. But that doesn't affect the fans. None of that is our concern. That is for you and whomever to work out.  The end result should be satisfaction of your customers which happens to be us.  If you want to keep your good reputation by giving your customers what they want, then I am suggesting you come up with a plan to renew Season 3.

I am a huge fan of Jason Momoa. He has many many fans worldwide. We all love to fantasize and imagine what it would be like to be a part of his world. But his fans embraced him as Phillip Kopus. We were there on his journey. We all were hoping he would find happiness and peace in whatever he wanted to do. When he hurt, we hurt. When he cried, we cried. When he laughed, oh my gosh did we ever light up. But Kopus was a complicated fella. Now that has all ended. 

Please bring back The Red Road for his fans. PLEASE.