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Compensation for Suncorps extreme error!

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Today there has been a completely unacceptable error from Suncorp Bank which has made every Suncorp customers account frozen as well as not being able to transfer/withdraw any funds. This has put thousands of people at risk of not being able to feed their children, travel to and from work, pay bills, pay rent, travel to doctors appointments or the hospital. I could list hundreds of ways this extreme error has disrupted the everyday life for thousands if not tens of thousands of Australian citizens.

This is a sheer disregard for responsibility and a company of this size and calibre  should not be making simple mistakes like this. As I am writing this petition it has been 8 hours. No Suncorp customers have been able to use their accounts for the last 8 HOURS! Surely this is plenty of time for a multi million dollar business to fix this! There has been no updates from Suncorp as to why or how this is happening nor any updates as to what plan of action they have in place not only to correct this but to make sure that it never happens again! 

I consider myself one of the luckier people, I have food at home. Some people don't and today is the night they shop. I have seen a multitude of facebook comments from other customers that are saying:

"How do we feed our newborn twins??? Suncorp you are a disgrace!! And the poor shop owner that made our special Friday night dinner and now has to waste it and throw it out!! How come other companies can send out text messages to customers???? Would it be that hard!! We better be getting compensation for starving our children and babies" (Quote from the Suncorp Facebook page from a very unhappy mother)

Currently I have been sitting at fortitude valley train station for 5 hours because I can't pay for my ticket to get home.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the parents, families, pensioners and everyday Australians that have been effected by this utter lack of judgement and capability. 

I have just had an update from one of the unhappy customers and she has informed me that "all declined transactions are now being processed as approved. So the many times I tried to pay for my groceries has now deducted from my account." 

So not only are they not allowing us to use our money they are sending a decline to the till but then taking the money out of our accounts! How does this happen Suncorp!?

Thank you for your time on this petition your signature will allow us to show how much of an effect this had on our lives as well as a means to pursue compensation!

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