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Help stop the corruption at SunTrust banking.

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When my Father passed away he had over 100,000 in money market alone. My mother has been taken advantage of several times and charged outrageous fees. They gave her some new checks that she ordered and the last number on the checking account was incorrect. I called the main office and they said they would reimburse her for all over drawled fees on every check she wrote which is 30 dollars a per returned check payed too the place the check was used. When she went to the bank where she lives the Manger an African American lady stated they did not owe her anything and then asked for the checks with the incorrect number and shredded them. So when I got fed up I called the main branch in my home town and talked to the assistant manager who said they would have to see the checks before they could do anything. It is a hassle and run around to get any cooperation from this Bank. The say one thing one day and something different the next. Also they had been illegally charging her a maintenance fee of 17 dollars a month since the death of my Father in February of 2007 which they shouldn't not have been doing because of the amount of money she had in her account. The regional bank manager refused to help my mother with financial reimbursement in any way. I have talked her into switching banks.

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