Removal or Abatement of the Public Nuisances At I-40 & Blake Ranch Road

Removal or Abatement of the Public Nuisances At I-40 & Blake Ranch Road

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Bruce Buehler started this petition to Sun Developement LP and

This petition is made regarding to the following lots which are owned by Sun Development LP

354-22-006: 940 S Blake Ranch Road; Kingman AZ 86401

354-37-074C: 930 S Blake Ranch Road; Kingman AZ 86401

354-21-002: 1003 S Blake Ranch Road; Kingman AZ 86401

These properties are in a condition which any reasonable person might consider as derelict and a public nuisance as set forth in the following excerpts of Mohave County Ordinances chapter 14 Article III - Nuisances.

Text in bold type indicates the conditions currently met by the lots.

Sec. 14-48. - Conditions and defects for use in determination of dilapidated buildings.

(a) For the purpose of this article, any building or structure which has any or all of the conditions or defects hereinafter described shall be deemed to be a dilapidated building, provided that such conditions or defects exist to the extent that the life, health, property or safety of the public or its occupants are endangered.

(b) The determination that a building or structure is dilapidated shall be made by the chief building official or his authorized representative, including, but not limited to, the health officer, the fire chief, and the zoning manager, who are hereby authorized to make such inspections and take such actions as may be required to enforce provisions of this article:

(5) Whenever the building or structure, or any portion thereof, because of:

a. Dilapidation, deterioration or decay;

b. Faulty construction;

c. The removal, movement or instability of any portion of the ground necessary for the purpose of supporting such building;

d. The deterioration, decay or inadequacy of its foundation; or

e. Any other cause;


(8) Whenever the building or structure has been so damaged by fire, wind, earthquake or flood, or has become so dilapidated or deteriorated as to:

a. Become an attractive nuisance to children;

b. Become a harbor for vagrants, criminals or immoral persons; or

c. Enable persons to resort thereto for the purpose of committing unlawful or immoral acts.

(11) Whenever any building or structure, because of obsolescence, dilapidated condition, deterioration, damage, inadequate exits, lack of sufficient fire-resistive construction, faulty electric wiring, gas connections or heating apparatus, or other cause, is determined by the fire chief or the chief building official or his designee to be a fire hazard.

(12) Whenever any building or structure is in such a condition as to constitute a public nuisance under the common law or in equity jurisprudence.

(13) Whenever any portion of a building or structure remains on a site after the demolition or destruction of the building or structure or whenever any building or structure is abandoned for a period in excess of six months so as to constitute such building or portion thereof an attractive nuisance or hazard to the public.


By signing this petition we request the following actions by the following parties:


  • Remove the public nuisance by removing the buildings, tanks and refuse. Additionally prevent the use of the lots as camp sites by barricading or fencing off the property until such time as they begin operating the businesses which they have planned on building on these lots.


  • Make a finding that these lots and the buildings upon them are in fact public nuisances in accordance with the excerpts cited above; serve a notice to abate to the owner, Sun Development LP.
  • Liaison with the Mohave County Sheriffs Office to control use of the lots by vagrants and criminals and the Pinion Pine Fire District to make a finding that the structures are a fire hazard in accordance with sub-section 13 (above).
  • In the event that abatement and removal is not be carried out, within the 30 days of the owner, Sun Development LP, being served with notice to abate, it is requested that the abatement and removal be performed by Mohave County and a lien be placed to cover the costs of abatement and removal per Mohave County ordinances. Abatement should include the expedient installation of fencing or concrete barriers and signage to bar its use as a dumping and camping site.



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