Stop Plastic Straws, Start Metal Straws!

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We, the students of St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina, would like to put an end on the use of plastic straws and use metal straws instead. 

Stop Plastic Straws, Start Metal Straws is an initiative encouraging people to stop the use of plastic straws. It’s rather simple, when you order drinks at your favourite restaurants, always try to request “no straw please,” and help lessen the use of plastic straws. 

Often in our everyday lives, we use plastic straws without actually needing them, or really thinking about the harm that they bring to our environment. Unfortunately, many straws end up in landfill, or make their way to the ocean, filling out ocean with plastic and injuring marine life.

You've got more power than you think. Want to take your impact even further? Use your own stainless steel straws instead! 

Save the Earth, Save our Future! 

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