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Allow open box gas-fired fireplaces in Summit County

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Summit County, Utah has adopted an ordinance in its Snyderville Basin planning district which states "The installation of a solid fuel burning device in any development within the Snyderville Basin planning district is prohibited." While the intent of the code makes sense, the enforcement by the Community Development Department is creating undue and unrealistic burdens on homeowners and builders.

In essence, the County is excluding any fireplace that could be retrofitted to burn solid fuel (wood).  This limits the type of fireplaces to ones that are UL listed as gas only.  This means that Isokern, Masonlite above 49" or any large open firebox is prohibited as the flue requirements for gas would also allow solid fuel.

The fireplace is the centerpiece of the home and should be treated as sculpture.  It needs to be scaled to match the grandeur of the home.  An undersized fireplace can severely diminish the aesthetic of the home and lower resale value.  

The current standards also make the dangerous assumption that homeowners will illegally retrofit their gas fireplace to burn wood.  

Representatives of the fireplace industry have been proactive in lobbying for reasonable, common sense solutions that would satisfy the county code as well as industry leaders.  These same solutions have been implemented in other jurisdictions that prohibit solid fuel appliances.  They include;

o  installation of the gas logs in a permanent manner making removal by the homeowner extremely difficult,

o  installation of a plaque by the manufacturer indicating the appliance is only to be used with gas,

o  and designation on the plat or property that requires compliance with this ordinance.

We, the undersigned, petition to the County Council in Summit County Utah and to the Community Development Director to allow for the installation of fireplaces listed as dual fuel so long as the above mentioned solutions be implemented.


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