Make trails and recreation a priority for future development in South Summit Valley.

I am the 5th generation of my family to grow up and live in the Kamas Valley, as I have witnessed the growth over the last 40 plus years in our community it has become increasingly important to me that my three children and future grandchildren have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this area but at the same time we need to do so fairly, ethically and responsibly to all those involved. Requiring developers to shoulder some of these costs as they help generate growth in the area is fair and a common practice. Working closely with land owners to acquire easements and right of ways is extremely important as well. Also teaching and working with our youth to continue to develop and respect these relationships is a key factor in insuring future access and growth of these trails, parks and open spaces, as well as becoming responsible stewards of these amenities benefits them and future generations.

Phares Gines, Kamas, UT, United States
5 years ago
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