Allow Sgt. Beck to Sell During Day

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This petition is to unite all 3 schools (Bartow HS, Bartow MS, and Summerlin) in our attempt to be allowed to buy snacks and drinks during the school day. Unfortunately, Commandant Cochran cut off all sales until after school. Sadly, some of us hungry children aren't able to buy things due to the fact we have no time and will have to risk missing our bus. Not to mention, some of us are not in favor of the school lunch we are provided with. Plus, Sergeant Beck is selling snacks and drinks for a great cause! He is making profit in order to support Summerlin Academy's Rifle Team. In fact, it states in the school board policy that there is absolutely no problem with the thing Sgt. Beck is doing. Kids from all over the school are so much happier being able to buy food during the day. This is taking profit from the team and happiness from the school and it's students! We are fine with compromising to where we can only buy in between classes and during lunch! We just ask that we are allowed to fill our stomachs during the day! It would really mean a lot. Please sign this!!! It only takes a second!!