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Summer's Calling Collins to (3) Town Halls

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Dear Congressman Collins,
We, the 553,000+ eligible voters of the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and undersigned residents, hereby invoke our constitutional right to hear from our elected officials in a public forum through a series of 3 town halls prior to August 31, 2017.

My name is Packy McKibben, and I have lived in the district for over 15 years. I believe it is my civic duty to be actively engaged with local and national politics, and have made every effort to attend each Tele-Town Hall meeting you’ve hosted thus far.  While I am appreciative of your innovative efforts to include the citizens of this district through strategic communications; however, we are calling you to do more. We are humbly requesting your attendance in a series of town halls during the congressional recess. Although you have made every attempt to be inclusive to the attendees of these Tele-Town Halls, the other 500,0000+ citizens that are unable to attend due to demanding work and family schedules are equally as interested in learning about your progress in Washington and what you are doing to help your district grow and thrive.

Congressman Collins, you have been quoted as saying your favorite quote, came from the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan when he said, "If you are afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside. The people of this country are ready to move again."

We are inviting you to take this call to action to heart and openly engage with your constituents in a public forum where questions about the current state of affairs, your policy, and position on the key issues that matter most.

 A few of our recent concerns we would like to address are of immediate concern to your constituents daily lives:

Over 126,000 residents in your district are age of 65 or older and will be immediately affected by the proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the Current Trump Budget Plan.

The 186,000 futures of the children living in your district will suffer from the proposed 18 Billion cut to Public Education.

According to the latest census, 11.6% of your residents are currently living below the poverty line.

251,000+ citizens depend on public health care, while an additional 109,000+ citizens have absolutely no healthcare coverage whatsoever. Access to preventative medicine and affordable healthcare should not be a partisan issue, we demand that our elected representatives take action against any measure that would deny coverage for our neighbors with pre-existing conditions.

Regardless of your position on these issues, the citizens of your district demand to hear from you in an open public forum where we can discuss our concerns with you directly. At this time in American History, the principles of transparency and accountability are at the forefront of the mind of the average American Voter. We hope that you will consider our request for these public town halls to heart, or we will take out our frustration at the polls in 2018.

Thank you, Congressman Collins!

All the best,

The Undersigned Citizens of the 9th Congressional District of Georgia


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