save the sharks

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When you think of sharks the first words that you think of are probably "dangerous" or "vicious" but their really just harmless animals trying to live their lives. 

But the problem is that they can't live their lives if people keep hunting/killing them for shark fin soup. About 100 million sharks are killed for soup each year, that's 100 million too many.

So why are they important? Well sharks are are big part  of the food chain, so if sharks went extinct then there would be a over population of seals, a over population of seals would lead to a under population of fish, and a under population of fish would lead to a over population of plankton. If there was too much plankton in the ocean it would form harmful algae which would effect many fish. 

So if sharks went extinct it would really just cause a underwater apocalypse. Thank you for reading.