Bring back Virtual Learning Option For Sullivan County Schools

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Bring back Virtual Learning Option For Sullivan County Schools

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Started by Melissa Light

Last year we, as parents,  had the right to choose to put our students in the Sullivan County Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) to protect them from Covid 19. This year, we are at a higher case load of Covid 19 with NO such option for virtual learning. My child is at West Ridge which is extremely crowded. He wore a mask from day 1 and still got Covid. He had no choice for VLA. 

I am currently hospitalized with Covid. Our whole family caught Covid from him. Many are out with Covid in Sullivan  County, especially I know at West Ridge...teachers,, staff, students, so much sickness.

My son was fully VLA last year, did great, and didn't get sick once. 

Give us, as parents,  the option to choose VLA for the safety of our children and our families. Many parents are choosing to utilize other home school opportunities which pull students out of Sullivan County Schools. It would be advantageous to open Sullivan County VLA to prevent the loss of more students from the county. 

It is time to take this pandemic seriously I was in good health and now I am in the hospital.  The only room open for a Covid patient was in ABINGDON. Our hospitals are full. 

Do the right thing by your students, parents, and famies. Open up VLA. GIVE US A CHOICE. 







90 have signed. Let’s get to 100!