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Sulake: Keep oldskool Habbo Retro's (V1 - V14) alive!

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In 2014, Sulake is going to make an end to all Habbo Retro's. Including the oldskool Habbo Retro's, that don't want to harm Sulake in anyway. The last weeks of June 2013, Sulake has advised some retro owners to shutdown their old Habbo Retro's between version 1 and version 14.

This is the worst action ever done. Sulake grew, thanks to classic versions 8 and 9 of Habbo in 2005 and 2006. Since they are "angry" of the Flash Retro's, they want to pull an end to the Habbo Retro world. In my opinion, they should close the Flash Retro's indeed but oldskool Habbo Retro's between version 1 and version 14 should be kept alive. Oldskool Habbo Retro's are run by people who joined Habbo between 2003 and 2006. This people want to unite their old friends they met on the official Habbo to re-enact the days when Habbo was famous around the globe.

Destroying an unique piece of history that made a company big wouldn't never be done by other game companies. I say that Sulake should leave the oldskool Habbo Retro's alone, and that the owners of this retro's should put a Sulake logo on their site to respect Sulake in anyway and give them the credits for making Habbo.

Sulake, if you're reading this, oldskool Habbo Retro's want to keep a piece of history alive. Some of them are doing it for historical purposes, other people are doing it to chat with their old Habbo friends.

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