Inconsiderate to the needs of the muslim community in the public toilets across India.

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In most of the states except kerala in India there are no bidget pipes with the male urinals in the sulabh, Airport, railway other public toilets. So the people who clean their genitals especially Muslim men are not being able to clean their genital after urinating in the male urinal.

They have to pay 5 rupees and use the latrine instead of 2 rupees for urinal as they need a little water to clean. This discrimination comes from lack of awareness about the needs of the community and above that due to being inconsiderate about their needs.

The emphasis is more on the lack of inclusion and coexistence. In states like kerala either bidget pipes or normal water taps along with mugs are placed inorder to facilitate the need of the community.
So why can't that be replicated all over the country?
Unity in diversity comes with coexistence. The essence of which is acknowledging the special needs of eachother and facilitating such needs if they are fair, reasonable and not against public policy.

Solution is clear that is to add
1) Bidget pipes along with the male urinals
2) add taps with mugs near the male urinals

In all or some of the male urinals in the public toilets inorder to facilitate the needs of our brothern

Personal story
My Name is Vishnu, I am a Hindu. I am from Kerala. But currently living in Delhi. I have many Muslim friends and also friends who follow other religions and are atheists or agonists.

I had many experiences in public toilets across Delhi and when we used to travel my Muslim friends always used to use the Latrine when they needed to just urinate. They paid more as they needed water to clean their genitals. Its a fact that Muslims clean their genitals after urinating unlike other communities ( as per my knowledge).
In Kerala there were bidget pipes along with male urinals or there were taps and mugs inorder to facilitate this need of the muslim community.

Many of my muslim friends have expressed this lack of inclusion to me. I find this disturbing when we are country of unity in diversity. We have to acknowledge the special need of eachother.
What will we indians feel when we get toilet paper instead of latrine in toilets abroad?

So i believe this issue which is often unnoticed has to be taken up. I believe if we can't create inclusion in small things like this, we are just lying when we boast about our unity in diversity, pluralism, syncretism etc.