Reinstate Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samastha

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The residents and animal lovers of Bangalore North, firmly believe that Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samastha (SSS) has been disqualified without complete and proper investigation. Due to this we have lost the services of Dr. Akshay Prakash, a highly skilled professional veterinarian, compassionate and a good human being

We wish to submit that we strongly support Dr. Akshay Prakash, who is the Chief Veterinary Doctor and Trustee-SSS, for his commitment to animal welfare work. He has been doing yeoman services by providing safe ABC program for street dogs ever since SSS started in North Zone which was about a year ago.

Personal story
We strongly believe that Dr. Akshay Prakash, an AWBI trained ABC veterinarian and he having performed over 50,000 sterilization surgeries has been falsely accused. Sir, in this regard, our observations are as follows:

1. The allegations that “expired medicines’’ were used by Dr. Akshay Prakash has not been proved with clear evidence and thus seems completely baseless.
2. Neither has anyone reported any obvious deaths of dogs that were released post-surgery by SSS nor have any of the dogs rescued by us the volunteers undergone any sufferings post –surgery at SSS.
3. On the other-hand, despite reporting by many volunteers of several serious irregularities and noncompliance of the SOP laid down by AWBI by other NGOs and Contractors carrying out ABC in Bangalore, the raid was only on SSS. Sir, this is almost like it was setup to bring down SSS and in particular a good veterinarian Dr. Akshay Prakash.

We strongly recommend that SSS can be led by Dr. Akshay Prakash and it should continue its good work in the North by providing our street dogs the best services as always.