Release Demetrius

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Release Demetrius Wardsworth on bail! He can safely come home to his loving family with the support of our beloved community.

Demetrius Wardsworth won his motion for new trial in June 2019 and has needlessly remained in pre-trial detention for the past 17 months. Due to the COVID19 humanitarian crisis, it could take years for Demetrius to have a new trial. In the meantime, he is at risk of sickness, suffering, and death while in detention. 

It is cruel and senseless to keep Demetrius incarcerated after his conviction was overturned, especially during a deadly global pandemic where the most dangerous place to be is in jail. 

Demetrius is not a danger to the community; he has a safe and responsible release
plan and will be supported by both his family and his community. We will make sure he meets his obligations to the court pending the resolution of this case. 

Demetrius maintains his innocence and his family has never, ever given up on him or his pursuit of overturning his case. His mother, son, fiance, family members, friends, and community members have been at every single court hearing. His family and support network have a viable release plan and are ready to receive him immediately.  

Please sign the petition and join us in asking the Court to release Demetrius on bail to his loving family so he can be free to fight his wrongful conviction.