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Suffolk County Police Department-6th Precinct: Convict Queenie's torturer to the fullest extent of the law


This man needs the book thrown at him. If charges (serious ones) are not filed in a case this extreme then what does that say for us as a nation? Animal cruelty needs to be taken more seriously and not tolerated. By forcing this man to pay for his crime it will hopefully make a difference in the future.


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Letter to
SPCA Investigators
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Suffolk County Police Department-6th Precinct
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District Attorney
Please see to it that Queenie's torturer is charged to the fullest extent of the law.

People like this can not simply get a slap on the wrist. What he did to this innocent animal is beyond words. A person capable of such enormous acts of cruelty does not deserve to be free. There needs to be a message sent that abusing and neglecting animals will NOT be tolerated.

I ask that you find compassion for this animal and all others like her. They are living creatures who depend on humans and cannot help themselves. We as the human race owe it to them to take care of them and show them the respect that we show other living beings. Please use this case to set the standard for animal abusers. I do not understand why someone can cause horrible physical/emotional/mental pain to an animal and walk freely. Please help set the standard so we can help STOP animal abuse.

Why? Why why why? Why do those in charge let this keep happening? Why are animals not given more justice? Is their life meaningless to you? I hope not.

Please help us give justice to those without a voice.

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