We Demand Police-Free Schools in Suffolk County, NY #PoliceFreeSchools

We Demand Police-Free Schools in Suffolk County, NY #PoliceFreeSchools

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Tell Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart we don’t want police in our schools!

Here in Suffolk County, our students have long been harmed by the presence of school resource officers and police in our public schools.  School disciplinary processes and policies have treated Black, Latinx, and other marginalized students more severely than white students. Police presence in our schools has caused violence fear, trauma, stigma, wrongful incarceration, family separation, and the deportation of our community’s children.  Police/ School resource officer presence in our schools magnifies and reflects the racial disparities that divide our communities and further increases the mistrust between communities of color and law enforcement.

Police free schools is a common-sense measure that recognizes the need for an inclusive, trauma-informed and restorative school climate and essential social -emotional supports required to keep schools safe.  The resources used to provide police in schools must be redirected to culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health, guidance, social work and other supportive services in schools.  School safety depends primarily on creating inclusive, supportive, and positive school climates where students feel they are part of a caring community that fosters a positive well-being.

There is no valid rationale for the irreparable harm done to our most at-risk students with the endured use of exclusionary disciplinary measures and the unjustified presence of police/school resource officers in our schools.  If we are going to take urgent and immediate action to eliminate inequities in policing, we must start by getting police out of our schools.  Commissioner Hart needs to hear from you right now!