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Suffolk County: Ban On Styrofoam Containers

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An open to all residents of Suffolk County:

As residents of Suffolk we are by location, water and land stewards. We have the gift and the responsibility as a county to protect and care for our land and all of its ecological assets. In this spirit, I ask you to stand with me in that stewardship and request legislation to ban Styrofoam containers from Suffolk County, via my petition, "Suffolk County Says No To Styrofoam".

All too often, as I'm sure you've seen, Styrofoam drink and food containers lay strewn along road and tree lines, making their way into local waters and forest areas. Once a week I clean up a local beach in Southampton, where Styrofoam and plastic are the number one items I find by the shore.

Styrofoam, is a petroleum product that has been found to be toxic to nature and to the human body. In our land and aquatic life, it causes choking, starvation by blockage, poisoning and death when ingested, often done by unknowing and hungry wildlife. The EPA has named it the 5th largest source of hazardous waste in the U.S., a product that takes 500 years to biodegrade, or more likely never, like its' cousin, the plastic bag (which has already begun to be widely banned by counties, states and countries across the world).

How does it affect you? When you choose Styrofoam for a hot beverage or pick up a hot lunch in a to go container the heat causes the product to leach toxic chemicals such as benzene and stryene into your drink and food. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared stryene a very possible human carcinogen; other studies have linked the two chemicals to Parkinson's as well as leukemia. No matter how you spin it, you are ingesting petroleum bi-product every time you consume from these containers when heated.

With this knowledge in hand, let us join New York City, Washington D.C, cities in California, Florida, Maine and more in their wise decisions to ban Styrofoam containers. The facts are there, its time to take action. Lets help our home. In today's world it is more important than ever that we ALL participate in creating a better tomorrow. If you agree and want to lend your voice, sign this Petition.

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