Save the Free Ipswich Shuttle Bus

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  • The Shuttle Bus currently run by Suffolk County Council, with financial support from Ipswich Borough Council. Suffolk County Council has decided to serve Notice to stop the free shuttle from 28/07/17
  • Conservative Councillor James Finch and his cabinet are heading the cuts & closure of the Shuttle Bus service
  • The Shuttle is funded and payments come from Suffolk County Council (SCC) staff and the Car Park Charges division.
  • Ipswich Buses were funding the extra double up runs that the Shuttle make during the lunch break between 11am to 2pm. So it is vital that the public are aware that Ipswich Buses have been financially investing into the Shuttle service too

Please Note: We are going to hand in all valid petitions that have been completed in the correct format (where your name, house number and postcode has been provided on the comments box) to the Next Council Meeting. Deadline for all signed petitions is 17/07/2017

The cuts to the Shuttle have suddenly and quietly going through without thorough constructive discussions with all the parties that are going to be affected. There has been no noted consultation with the Ipswich Borough Council (IBC), Ipswich Buses, the SCC Staff members and the general members of public that use the service which include people from the elderly and disability.

Consequences of the proposed cut is severe:

  1. The cuts would affect the local Ipswich residence that live around the Town Centre area as many use the free Shuttle as to get around places & access Council run services.
  2. Current users of the free shuttle include as well as the SCC employees, the IBC employees and local residents. The local people that use the bus come from various back grounds that include people with a disability, wheelchair users and the vulnerable, the elderly, parents with children that do a school run
  3. There will be an almost immediate impact on our Town Centre shops and stores as a large number of users visit the town during the day, especially noticeable at lunchtimes which help our local businesses and the economy
  4. Parking will increase in our town centre as a result, especially where we are trying to reduce vehicle congesting the cut will further pollute our towns as we ought to be promoting healthy living and public transport as an alternative to people using their own private vehicles

There is no cost to the Council or the Tax Payer for the services run by the free Shuttle Bus which has been running successfully by Ipswich Buses for the last 13 years as this free shuttle is historic and also part of our Ipswich way of life. The Shuttle is now officially the only remaining free shuttle running in the UK, so we will all lose from the cut and the consequences are far great? So it is time to stand up to the Council and be heard, remember your votes all count!


Congratulations to everyone that supports our campaign to save the Shuttle as we have WON! – A moral victory declared with over 1,090 petitions that were signed on a campaign of only just over two weeks is a remarkable achievement. It is a true testament to the people that have voted in favour of supporting the long established and very successful Free Shuttle Bus Service. However, I can believe that real democracy is almost non-existent at the Council. A motion together with all the signed petitions was given to the Leader of the Conservative County Council James Finch, to take to the Full County Council Meeting on Thursday 20th July 20117

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