Backing the Bypass! Ipswich Inner Northern Route (dual carriageway).

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We support the Ipswich Northern Inner route!

The people of Ipswich and surrounding areas are fed up, and have been fobbed off for nearly 25 years. If we are expected to shoulder the burden of population, housing, transport and freight, then we need the infrastructure and highways to do the job!

EVERY MAJOR SOCIOECONOMIC indicator confirms: 

  • ongoing growth in transport and freight.
  • ongoing growth in population, jobs and economic development.
  • ongoing growth in housing.

Working together, Suffolk County Council, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, East Suffolk Council and Ipswich Borough Council with support from West Suffolk Council are exploring options to create a new road to the north of Ipswich that would enable better journeys across Suffolk as well as enable future growth.

  • The Ipswich and Felixstowe area already supports around 260,000 people and 20,000 businesses.
  • Current house building plans will leave existing infrastructure creaking and gridlocked;
    • 3000-5000 houses planned by Babergh & MSDC;
    • 4000-6000 houses planned by East Suffolk;
    • 4000-6000 houses planned by Ipswich Borough Council
  • Some say 10,000 -15,000 houses will be needed to justify the new road. Yet we have 12,000+ coming anyway from three councils, with NO extra capacity at all on our local highways!

The Inner Route will deliver far greater long term benefits

  • We support the most southern route as a dual carriageway, and as tabled in the consultation. We support the option closest to Ipswich area (not the ones up to seven miles away):
  • saving more journey hours than the middle or outer options.
  • saving more in C02 emissions (110,000 tonnes over 60 years)
  • handling far more journeys more efficiently (with greater accessibility to/from/around Ipswich).
  • less distance / less cost / more benefits: 12km long / saving 1.6m hours per year / 23,300 vehicles per day (estimated by 2027).
  • strengthening the Greater Ipswich and Felixstowe economic area (presently generating around £8bn GVA per year) and supporting the nation's largest container port.
  • relieving stress on the congested southern bypass and Ipswich's interior roads, and improving transport in and round the town.

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For more details and 40 reasons why we need the bypass see: