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Close Stoke Park School 13/12/17

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Stoke Park School was closed on this just gone Monday due to icy and unsafe conditions for the students and the teachers. Most schools all across the city were closed on this day so it was an understandable and reasonable decision.

The following day, Tuesday 12th, the school was re-opened. Stoke Park School was one of the only schools to remain open. Almost every other secondary school in the city remained closed as this was the sensible decision because of how dangerous the ice was, it would cause great difficulty for students and staff alike to come to school. Stoke Park School should've remained closed this day but it did not. This proved the wrong decision as many students did not turn up and many of the ones who did turn up, injured themselves on the ice either on the way to school, or between lessons/at lunch.

Tomorrow, 13/12/17, me and many others feel as if the school should close for the day once again. This is because of the reasons I have outlined in the previous paragraph. On top of said reasons and the fact that it will be icy and slippery, tomorrow it will be even MORE dangerous and slippery as overnight rain is expected aswell as a temperature drop below 0. This means that by the morning and the time that most people will be on their way to school there will be even more ice and even more of a risk of slipping over.

The necessary precautions should be taken as many could injure themselves including students and staff. Many staff could not make it to work on 12/12/17 because of how dangerous the roads were.

Many other schools across Coventry are also considering closure for the day, at Stoke Park, this should be no different. This could be a simple, easy way to save all of the injury.

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