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Because,too many children whose healthy,astute,being raised with love,nuture and by a positive educated,loving parent,grandparent by extension,toa host of aunts,uncles do not need to be taken away,from a home for which the overflow

of love is clearly evident. Imagine for one minute reading-

Going Viral across-internet,over at You Tube,Vimeo,Across Net;

much warranted petition,and or on your computer at work home,

I-PAD, Smartphone,to your regular view on a public computer,


Just envision this vile act by such casworker(s)CPS,

coming into YOUR home late night without any executed judicial order

to remove YOUR child?

Going to the hospital after"receiving a tip"anonymous call that your

giving "birth to another child"and now that child is at risk of being remove?

Actually,indeed was removed,then place in 1 year or so for"adoption?'

Your right now is completely terminated,thanks to CPS.


Taken your children into CPS"custody,state,care" from school-recess.


All based on a false allegation ?


Placing your child in direct danger;

"foster care setting"and or giving your child to a "on police record-"

meth-addict,Heroine-Weed addict,Alcoholic,home,and then going to court;


lieing under oath for such judge then later adjudicate that your

not taking care of your child"but yet the real abuse is going on

"right under judge nose"by the mis-placing of your child,

knowingly,deliberate-by CPS?How would you feel?


Such factual is taking place,and until YOUR living it

your not able to comprehend,what truly is going on with

child protection services,its caseworkers violating GOOD

American'Family-Healthy families,14th,1st,4th amendment

rights,for which is why this petition,first of its kind is needed.







Such children for which they are being raised properly have been taken out of school,

or taken away during family routine visit to a ex spouse,NEVER to be seen again.

As,a result of such falsity against the loving GOOD Parent/Grandparent the child

while IN DYFS,CYS,DSS "care" the child later has been found DEAD."Raped.Or

continually sexually abused,molested,and or psychologically tortured,all based

on,such premise of a "false allegation." There is NO WORSE CRIME,when such

child is being unlawfully detained,seized unreasonable under fourth amendment

when such child once,had a normal child,in school,regular bumps and bruises

that EVERY child in america,get by playing,riding bikes,nothing out of the ordinary.


When CPS manufacture evidence,fabricate,statement(s)on what was supposedly

adage,between caseworker/mother/father/grandparent,etc.  then the real abuse

from"this moment commence"due to such subsequent hearings,in family court

and or in some cases,even criminal,to where ,such GOOD Parent from THAT

moment,is about to lose their livelihood,financially,to emotionally drained when

it should be clear,based on the collection of such ostensible evidence,there is

no way this child could've been abused,and or neglected,hence RETURN THE


This petition is the utmost relevant,because here we are in a new year and child

being remove,is still not"Returned?"Even with no abuse founded,as necessary

when CPS is investigating,nor has the collection of "real evidence'was even

exhibited.Such fourth amendment violation,fourteenth amendment violation

under such state Color Of Law,shall preclude,when action is properly applied

and law(s)are circumvent,enact,to CEASE such violation,caused by a agency

who is suppose to be working,"in the best interest of the children."

Manufacturing evidence.

Perjury being committed involving a material fact,is not "the best interest."

Change is warranted,within the CPS system,before MORE children are raped,

found dead,psychologically scar,for life,when such children in most cases;

Do not even need to be remove,as statistic show,and fully support.

Enough is Enough.




Letter to
BellasLawNational Center for the Innocent,Wrongfully Accused.
I just signed the following petition addressed to:

BellasLawNational Center for the Innocent,Wrongfully Accused. File a lawsuit against CPS when child is
unlawfully detained under the U.S.Constitution
4th,14th Amendment.Color of Law,effective change
at once,Before another child is injured,found dead,
raped,sexually abused,tortured psychologically
due to CPS inequities,in the U.S.Family Court.


All Good American Parents,Grandparents,Caretakers
Your Family Members,Colleagues;Friends,Associates.
We are congregating such Million Good Parents March
and we need your support.Be sure to read below so your
able to SPREAD THE WORD,as i just signed myself!

Please support such petition,for such premise;
that so many children from new jersey DYFS detaining
one's HEALTHY-CHILD,from DSS in North Carolina,
To ACS in NY,To DFPS in Texas,
to DCFS In California,To CYS in PA.

across-nation,such agency has expose child(ren)once happy,beloved,and cherish by a loving GOOD American focused,attentive parent and grandparents,
now being abused,sexually,physically-tortured
only"after"the child was removed/detained without
a legal basis to do so,since abuse"Was never founded
against the innocent loving parent" Enough is Enough.


Attorneys like Shawn McMillan agree saying publicly
at bellaslaw popular facebook to sue caseworker at CPS.
Shawn adage:

Sue CPS all over "not just one county.

We thank him so much for his support.

Publicly Bella'sLaw,and Attorney Elaine Donnelly

(thank you!)

Appreciate your signature/comment everyone!
Together,we can make a difference and RID
our Family Court of CPS misconduct,in due course.


1-888-602-6762 ext. 1

to join our Million Good Parent March coming soon.
Call to learn more.
and we thank you for your participation,
Call directly Geena Romano.Director.

and owner of such
warranted petition.



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