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Ousedale School should revise the changes to the dress code they have made for 6th formers

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Ousedale School has proposed a new dress code for students entering the 6th form from 2017 onwards; this dress code being imposed on students is unfair, baseless and unnecessary. 

Ousedale have hinted at revisions to the dress code before and by now, it could be said that they should realise from student reaction that this would not be the best course of action.

The new dress code that we have been notified of restricts the following: trainers, jeans, hoodies and t shirts. I invite you now to think about the clothes you wear on a regular basis: I am willing to bet you can relate to at least one if not all of the items of clothing listed there. 

Ousedale School 6th form is undoubtedly a very good place for further education, there is no question of it: the results speak for themselves. This invokes the question: why fix what is not broken? The results from the Ousedale 6th form are excellent and have been for numerous years now, with a CASUAL dress code. There is NO need to make these changes. 

I have been in contact with many students attending the 6th form open day and hopefully the 6th September, if I could describe their reaction in one word it would be OUTRAGE. My peers are outraged by the ludicrous stance the school has taken on uniform, they are pushing the narrative that wearing formal clothes is necessary for achieving a good education, whilst the past years at the same 6th form prove this wrong.

Finally, many students will not be able to afford the demands of the new dress code; smart clothes are not always affordable and I am certain there will be families who are concerned over how they will be able to fund the CLOTHING of their child who will be going to 6th form in September. This is wrong, completely and utterly wrong; it is shameful of Ousedale School to even suggest this. Education is supposed to be inclusive.

To conclude, I would like to say that I know Ousedale works very hard with student bodies for student voice and I invite them to read this petition and try to comprehend the impact they are going to have if they stick with this new dress code. The dress code will isolate students who may struggle to afford new clothes and pushes a bad narrative which, in my opinion puts the school in a bad light

Ethan Jaiswal

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