To condemn Sudan government violation of its citizens human rights.

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 Sudan is rich country with natural resources like gold and oil. According to one of the major newspaper publications in the country [Sudan] that in 2018 a 22 tons of gold was exported and 1500 barrels of oil a day was produced. Furthermore, foreign investments [like the company operating in port Sudan] generates more than one billion dollar a month. Not to mention the wealth of the First Lady , president’s family members and other high ranking government officials, the president’s net worth is estimated at more than $9 billion which is exclusively kept outside of the country. 

However, the people of Sudan have been suffering from a high rate of unemployment for years. The living conditions are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Fuel is unavailable, bread is scarce and is also very expensive. Medicine and medical treatments were near impossible to get for the average individual.

During the 30 year regime of Omar Al Bashir, the people of Sudan have been protesting the inhumane treatment miss managing the country’s national resource and lack of leadership competency. Since December 19 th 2018, peaceful protests took place across the country asking for change. The protestors were faced with and fired at with tear gas and live ammunition. Thousands of them were arrested, tortured and some were killed. Some detained women were also tortured and raped during captivity. Yet the protests continued demanding “freedom, peace and justice” for people of Sudan. The protest has been going on now for eleven weeks and there is no sign of stopping. It is evident that the Sudanese people’s human rights were violated.

We are asking the UN to demand the release of thousands individuals arrested during these peaceful protests including previous protests that occurred in 2013;

We are asking the international community to hold the Sudan government accountable for the atrocities that it has committed including the violation of human rights against the people of Sudan;

We are also asking the Canadian government to denounce the human rights violations, rape and crimes against women committed by the government of Sudan.

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