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Suck it Up! Ban Plastic Straws!

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In response to the recently successful ‘Ban the Bag’ campaign, a similar and just as effective movement is to ban plastic straws across Australia. Because of their single use, plastic build and popularity, straws are one of the biggest culprits contributing to Australia’s annual pollution amount and are in the top 10 most popular items found among marine debris.

I think that banning plastic straws will be really beneficial as straws have one of the largest impacts on Australia’s natural environment. With the help of 200 starting signatures (minimum!), I plan on forwarding my actions to Jason Falinski, the MP of the Mackellar Electorate, as a way to take this campaign further. But of course, I have to start with baby steps. NSW is my target state and if I can achieve a plastic straw ban here, an Australia-wide ban might be on its way!

Understandably, if you’re someone who can’t drink a Starbucks or Boost without a straw (quite hard, to be honest), don’t worry! There are plenty of healthy, eco-friendly alternatives that can be introduced and you won’t notice the difference. Biodegradable alternatives such as bamboo and cardboard straws could be bought instead whilst in restaurants and sit-in cafes, glass, stainless steel and reusable materials can be used continuously.

So what are you waiting for? 

Suck it up and help me ban the plastic straws!

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