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Subway: Make your veggie patty egg and dairy free!

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We all know Subway

It's around every corner, providing a range of sandwiches among other foods.

Here's what we want Subway, it's pretty easy:

Your veggie patty contains egg and dairy. Meaning meat eaters AND vegetarians without egg/dairy allergy can eat it.

Allergen menu can be found here

Why not spread your market with a simple change? Why not have EVERYONE able to have the veggie patty? With the elimination of egg and dairy from your veggie patty, you've widened your costumer base by hundreds if not thousands. That includes vegans and those who are intolerant to egg or dairy.

You don't need egg and dairy in your veggie patty. Just a slight recipe change. Sure that may mean investing a bit of time to see what recipe works best, I mean the veggie patty is quite tasty. It's just the egg component that is there only to stick everything together. You can use other things instead. 

Examples for egg replacements:

Water and oil

Ground flaxseeds


Potato strach

Banana (yes even a banana!)


I can give you dairy replacement, but... do you really even need dairy in a patty?


All you have to do, is remove the egg and dairy. It's that simple. 

No egg and dairy = many more costumers

Sounds like a sweet deal to us.



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