Stop chicken cruelty in Subway

Stop chicken cruelty in Subway

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Pru Elliott
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Help Millions of Broiler Chickens and Urge Subway to Live Up to Its Responsibilities

Subway is the fast food chain with  most stores worldwide. It promises its many customers that the food it is offering is of high quality and were produced sustainably and with high ethical standards. However, the exact opposite is the case. The chickens that end up in Subway’s sandwiches and salads have lived and died under excruciating conditions.

In Subway’s more than 42,000 franchise restaurants, chicken is being sold on a daily basis. If the company were to implement the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment, this would impact millions of broiler chickens and reduce the worst suffering they have to endure. But Subway won’t budge in Europe. 

Our alliance partners have already convinced Subway to raise its animal welfare standards in the USA and Canada in 2017. In Europe, the company has avoided making a concrete statement for the past two years. Sign our petition and demand from Subway to finally raise its animal welfare standards in Europe as well