Ban plastic straws in Subway restraunts

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In 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, plastic straws being a leading cause of this waste. Plastic straws aren’t biodegradable and therefore when discarded into our trash, this plastic ends up in our oceans which then takes hundreds of years to break down. It is estimated that 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastic in their stomachs. Because of their size, these animals mistake them for food and therefore when the cylindrical objects get stuck in their throats it causes major suffocation and harm to our sea life. In banning plastic straws we will remove 1.6 million straw waste a year from landfill. The simplest way to ban plastic straws is to utilise environmentally friendly options such as biodegradable straws, which are much more beneficial to us and our habitat. I believe we need to ban the use of plastic straws in Subway stores nationwide to support their branding "Eat Fresh."