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I feel that Placentia lacks fast food restaurants, and places to go, especially for the youth. By signing this petition, not only are you agreeing with the following, but helping spread the message that Placentia needs more! Other communities smaller then Placentia have fast food restaurants besides Tim Hortons and Mary Browns. An example is Holyrood, a small community with 2,463 people that has a Subway, Tim Hortons and Mary Browns. Holyrood has exactly 1,033 less people then Placentia, but still has a Subway. Another example is Bonavista, a town with 3,448 people and has Greco Pizza, Subway, Mary Browns and a Robins. Plus both these communities have other local restaurants. Even though Bonavista has less people then Placentia, it still has all of these places to eat and hangout. Placentia has more people then both these communities, but still lacks many amenities and restaurants both of these places have. Placentia also has surrounding communities like Fox Harbour, St. Brides, Ship Harbour, and Branch that would very much appreciate another fast food place. Not just that, with a public pool on the way, Placentia will be getting even more attention from communities such as Whitbourne, New Harbour, Colinet, Dildo, and all the other surrounding communities mentioned above.   By signing this petition, not only do you agree to wanting another fast food place in Placentia, but you agree that there needs to be more done in this community.