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We all love Subway right! I think we should all ask Subway to step it up and be a good example to all fast food chains out there and represent "Health & Awareness" . Subway please take it up a notch further and be a real leader. Be one of the first to become more environmentally moralistic. Subway claims to care and have concern for the health and enviroment of the people. It would be a great way for Subway to be at the Top of that Game! Pesticides and GMO'S in our food and animals are ruining the heath of millions globally, it is harming our world in ways that are unrepairable. Please start the chain of events! The earth is our home and it deserves better. We need to turn things around and I feel by starting with these mega chains is a great beginning. Please sign this earth friendly petition! Thanks to everyone who cares!

Letter to
CEO and VIP's of Subway, Fred DeLuca and Jeff Moody Subway (CEO and VIP's of Subway, Fred DeLuca and Jeff Moody)
Subway Go Organic! NON-GMO, Hormone Free, Abuse Free Meats & Cheese, Pure Breads, Animal Humane Farms. Buy from local organic family farms. Healthier drink and soda alternatives.

I like your restaurants and would love them even more if you did this. I and others would definitely start eating there again. It would be a great idea for your company to go even further with the healthy living lifestyle you try and promote. Maybe you already thought of this and are moving forward with this idea, and if this is so, then that would be great! All the best!