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Brook and Bryce Hudson, teens living in deplorable conditions, with their father, Paul Hudson, of Hayesville, NC, beg to be returned to their terminally ill mother in San Diego, CA.  They are victims of mental, emotional, and physical abuse by Paul, who appears to be mentally unstable, causing the teens to fear for their lives!  In addition to returning home, we ask that jurisdiction of custody case 99-105, be transferred to California, based on age and living conditions. We need help to get home to Mom immediately! 

Letter to
Judge Richlyn Holt
DSS Macon County, NC Jane Kimsey
grandparents Shirley and Tom Hudson
and 17 others
Governor Patrick McCrory
State Senator Jim Davis
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
North Carolina State House
North Carolina State Senate
Judge Monica Leslie
Macon County Supervisor Child Protective Services Brian Vogl
Ellen Pullen
Todd Goins
Debbie Mauney
Nolan Fry
Sheriff Vic Davis
Tim Barrett
Dwight Penland
Superior Court Judge James Downs
North Carolina Governor
Emergency EX Parte get to Mother in Calif. Grant request due to age.

MR Governor Pat McCory and Staff,
My name is Brook Hudson I am 16 years old and my brother Bryce, is 14. We need your HELP!! We currently live in Hayesville, NC but spent last year in Santee, CA, with our mother, Lawana Bailey Worley, until Aug 2012. She was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma April 2011 by Dr. Long of The North Georgia Oncology Center. She was told she had 6 month to a year to live. The doctors told her that she needed to move near a multi specialty cancer center and be near family. We then lived in NC and the nearest center was 7 hours away and no family except us. We tried to negotiate with our dad, Paul Hudson, also of Hayesville, to let us be with our mother in Ca. Dr. Long spoke to him personally, as he declared my mother’s cancer to be “fake”. He made threats and “forbid” us leaving, telling people that “I will be taking care of her” and spread the word that he “was getting an apartment for them in Atlanta." My mother was married then to my step dad which shows that my father has “fatal attraction” and has mental issues. I have watched this behavior and I find it very sickening.
My Father, Paul and mom, have been divorced for 15 years. She has had 5 restraining orders, which he violated and was arrested, and criminal stalking charges against him in past years. With medical records and doctors orders, my mother filed papers with the Clay County Court stating where we were going, why, and that we would be accompanying her. We arrived in San Diego July 19, 2011. She immediately began treatment at USCD Moore’s Cancer Center in La Jolla Calif, which included surgeries to amputate her left arm, remove lymphnodes and a portion of the left breast. They were able to save her arm but it appears like a huge shark bite. She then did chemo and interferon injection therapies, had constant scans, constant treatments depending on what is progressing. My brother and I want desperately to return to be with our mother. We are so scared to be alone with our father it is like living on edge everyday. I have witnesses my father’s rages and outbursts and frankly it is clear to me that there is something wrong with him like mental problems. We must get away!
On May 5, 2012 officers arrived at our door in California and arrested my mother for kidnapping and child stealing felony charges that my father Paul Hudson took out on her in NC. District Attorney Ashley Hornsby in Macon County, NC signed it. The Deputy, in Clay County, that took my fathers statement was Melvin Cantrell. I have researched to find that Mr. Cantrell did not turn it over to his superior the Sheriff at the time, nor was it brought before the Grand Jury for a preliminary investigation at all. My research tells me that this should have happened and did not, given the severirity of the charges. When my dad filed the felony charges against my mom, he did not tell anyone that my mother left due to cancer and that the courts knew where she was going. I believe there are false statements in his narrative to Mr. Cantrell and I would like the state to investigate that in the file. From what I understand, if he has falsified any of his claims about my mother, the state is obligated to prove this and file charges. I have communication records and mailing documents. It is the least I can do for grief that he has caused my mother and us. They arrested her in Santee, Ca. and took us to a center for children where we were for 3
days. Our father flew in the next day expecting to take us with him, we refused. He then signed papers releasing us into the custody of Rick Krug who we lived with for the past year. My mother was in jail for 6 days and became extremely sick because she was not receiving her meds and chemo injections and in addition was brutally assaulted by other inmates. A judge took responsibility and signed her out telling us that it was absurd that a man would do this to a woman fighting cancer. The DA, Brent Neck, in San Diego, helped by getting the extradition to NC dropped but the DA told us that Ms. Hornsby will not drop the felony charges. The Mr. Neck stated to mom that “it is absurd for her to not drop the charges and even more crazy that she had no heart regarding this matter”.
In the courts opinion in California and the public’s opinion, yes and ours my father is in- humane and if the court had their way we would have never left. My father stayed in San Diego for 3 months stalking us; making our lives miserable. Judge Hallahan, granted minimal visits while he was here, but he caused us nothing but trouble and made my mother sicker from all the stress. He was constantly calling the police telling them false statements so they would come to our house and he even followed me to school, had the police come and requested they pull me out of class to talk with him, I refused and he was escorted off the school grounds. I attended West Hills High in Santee, Calif. On July 28, Judge Hallahan stated she had no choice but to go by the NC jurisdiction and we were ordered to return with our father but ONLY for ONE week as per the order. My father agreed but did not allow us to come back. That meant that he was now in contempt of the order but of course no one would take any actions. He even told us that he would keep us for 3 weeks then we could go home. We had been in the state of California for over a year and according to California law we had become residents. Judge Hallahan said she requested Jurisdiction from Clay County and was denied. I am confused because if we were residents there then California should have had jurisdiction, I believe.
It has been 7 months of torture since we arrived with only a suitcase and the clothes on our back. Leaving not only our mom behind, but also our new friends, pets, and mementos, not to mention our own rooms of substantial size. For Bryce and myself to be taken not just from our mother who has always had 100% custody, our health provider, but our mainstay is just torture. I believe that my father has some mental disorder that he feels good by hurting our mother, and he hurts us in the process. There is a term for people like that I am sure. Since I have been here I have witnessed my father hunt down 3 teenage boys, put a knife to one’s throat and assault them, all while my Nana Shirley Hudson and I were in the car. I was not allowed to 911. This event all over some trash. There was seven 911 calls and witnesses but no charges pressed because I was told by the Mayor, Barbara of Hiawassee, Ga that the boys refused to press charges. I heard from people at school that my father had hunted them down again and threatened them and their families if charges. Also, I have watched him assault a Hispanic friend in my own Nana’s yard that came home with me after school to study along with another girlfriend. He cussed and assaulted him and physically threw him in the street. His parents would
not press charges I am sure because Hispanics in a small town. This is the kind of mental things I have witnessed.
Bryce attends Hayesville Middle School and has gone from an academically awarded student in the entire Grossmont School district in San Diego for completing 3 grade levels, to currently failing the grade. He had been in resource classes when we arrived but was going to start the 8th grade with no resource he had improved so much. The stress he has had to endure, has made his epilepsy return the week my father showed up in San Diego. Bryce went from no seizures or medications for 8 months while in California, to now having a seizure or more a day, including grand mauls. Currently he is suffering more and his depression is disheartening! Someone has to help us get home to our mother. I have had college goals and classes taken away and my stress level is causing my GPA for college to drop. We both endure on a daily basis, mental abuse, and threats by our father, and he has physically abused my brother. There has been abuse since mar 2011 and no one does anything. Someone has got to help us get out of this horrible situation. We are treated like hostages not the teens that we deserve to be. My father tells us we will go to a foster home, even during a physical altercation he will yell “call DSS, they can take you to a foster home”, we will never see our mother again, and she will be dead soon!! He used to ask us everyday “when is your mother going to die, do you think it will be today?” Frankly, that just busts our nerves. WE NEED HELP! We are of substantial age and know who we want to be with!
Our mom has terminal cancer and Sarcoidosis which are both fatal. The doctors can’t make a decision on her time left. She is in a study and called “the what the heck patient” God is working hard and her test results are constantly changing. We want to be with her and never leave her. She is very sick. We desperately want to go home with her. WE NEED HELP!!! Our father and his attorney Zeyland McKinney, got Judge Holt of Clay County to not only give him temporary custody but an order that we can only talk to her 3 x a week, she can visit us for 1 week a year, and oh and if she moves back to the same town, same county, she can have 50% custody like before. I have done my research and that order is stupid and violates my mothers 1st Amendment Rights. She is also not allowed to talk to us about California nor say derogatory statements about my father. That is hard to do as he is the devil I am sure. Because of her health, insurance and doctors recommendation, she is not to leave her treatments. WE don’t want her here, because we know he will hurt her, not to mention he has never dropped any of the charges, so she would be arrested if she came. Frankly, that is what he wants is to watch her die in jail and he has told us that at least we could see her behind the glass. He has recently told us that mom is moving here, which of course I know is delusional. We have grandparents here Tom and Shirley Hudson living in Hayesville that are unwilling to help because frankly, I believe they are afraid of my father and know he has mental problems. My other grandparents Daryl and Robert Silk live in San Diego and they are not even allowed to see us nor communicate with us, hardly ever. If my mother were to pass away I would
like to live with my grandparents in San Diego, Godparents or Rick Krug. But I pray everyday that a cure will come and my mom will continue to be the wonderful woman she is. She is already proving to be quite a fighter!
I have done research with my friends and online and I believe this custody order to be a violation of mother/child rights. A judge has ordered an impossible situation even when he had the medical documents in front of him. If she is able to have 50% custody if she returns to that county then she is capable of having custody in San Diego, and full custody at that. This case has been in a small rural town and it is my opinion that stonewalling happens at its best in Hayesville, NC. I am positive that this case and outcome, was predetermined as the night before the tele-hearing with our mother, our father took us to the Clay Co, Sheriffs office to inquire about getting the felony charges dropped because he said that “Lawana would be coming to visit us in NC, and he wanted to make sure that was possible so he needed to drop the charges”. He meant the felony charges and was referred back to Ms. Hornsby upon which he never went. He has told people that he has dropped them but he has not, of course. If the file is reviewed case 99-105 Clay County North Carolina, one will see conspiracy and stonewalling and any normal judge would not have stated such ridiculous rulings.
When we requested to see a judge, our request was denied. We are of substantial age and according to the 1997 Child Jurisdiction Act there should have been things granted based on our age, medical circumstances, etc. My father told people that “he allowed her to have a visit”, which tells me that there was more to the hearing outcome that what should have really happened.
We are petitioning the State of North Carolina Governor, Pat McCory, to pardon the felony charges against our mom, Lawana Bailey Worley. We are also asking the State of North Carolina to give California Jurisdiction of case 99-105 Clay Co., North Carolina, so that we can be with our mother during the time she has left, and also that we have no visitation with our father as we are not interested in being with a man that has done so many hurtful things to us and our mom. Upon age of 18 if mom is not here, I will be of age to take care of Bryce and of course we have a great support system in San Diego. We are also asking the Governor’s office to drop civil contempt charges in case 99-105. There were so many contempt charges filed, nothing sent to my mom which violates her Due Process Law. Also, there was an Ex-Parte that was kept in effect for a year and half, which according to my research is also not correct. I have looked at the file and my friends and I studied it, there is a lot not right and I concluded people in this county sure like to lie. In fact I think a good college entry paper would be worth researching of corruption of law in small towns. We, Brook and Bryce Hudson, are also appealing to the State of North Carolina Governor Pat McCory, in such legal capacity, to allow us to file an emergency order based on the 1997 Child Jurisdiction Act that we are of age and want to be with our mother. Medical documents have already been provided to Clay County NC as recent as October 2012 and the DA of Macon County, NC Ashley Hornsby. My
mother has filed an emergency order previously and somehow “it was never received”, and another which she was told by another Judge in Macon County “don’t bother to file anything else”. Please, we need your signature, so that we can get home to our mother as soon as possible. PLEASE WE ARE BEGGING! There are friends that have created a Face Book page “Brook and Bryce Need to See Their Mom”, if you look there you can clearly see my father’s mental rants. PLEASE, PLEASE !!! Thank you. Upon submitting this Petition you can also see items of public record on FaceBook page “Brook and Bryce Need to See Their Mom”. PLEASE HELP US GO HOME!!!
Brook Melrose Hudson and On behalf of Bryce Michael Hudson
Ps. I have attached additional information for your consideration. My brother also has written his own letter to Governor McCory it is also attached.
Information about me, Brook Melrose Hudson, age 15.999, birthdate 3/1/97.
While in Santee, Calif I, Brook Hudson attended West Hills High school of 1600 students. I maintained an “A” average. I was on the West Hills Water Polo team and also the Aquatic Swim Team where I medaled in divisions. my coaches James Searles and Rob Kreuger were awesome! Upon my return, the coaches offered me private coaching stating that I am good enough to Scholarship in Aquatics. I also want to be on the Dive Team. There are many rescources available there for study to include, tutors, after school programs and the local teen center which offers at no charge after school homework labs. I had started my own babysitting business to do between sports to save funds for a car and college. I have now lost that business due to being removed from there. While in Hayesville, NC I have attended Hayesville High, a much smaller rural school, my GPA has dropped and I am getting an A, B’s and a C. I was on the Hayesville Swim Team and made it to Regional level in Charlotte. There is no additional swim except for recreational swim. There are also no classes available for my college prep as my career goal is to be a Marine Biologist and to attend a college in either La Jolla or Santa Maria Calif.I am eligible for my driving permit but my father will not allow me to get that because he is afraid that I will run away. Regarding boyfriends, I have had one for 3 weeks since I was brought to NC and he broke up with me because I was not allowed to go anywhere or do anything. That is my life here. Bryce and I share a bedroom that is 4x4, child’s bunk beds and have no privacy. We live out of a suitcase and a rod for clothes, awful. Our evenings consist of electronics and video things no activity. When we were in California we have bikes, skateboards, scooters, and friends everywhere. We hike in the nearby trails and commemorative parks, trails and wildlife sanctuaries. We would take our dogs to the park or to the beach. My dog is Sugarbelle and I miss her incredibly. My heart hurts because I am not with her. My heart hurts everyday. Both of our health has declined in the past 6 months. My brother has gone from 138 to 180 lbs, and we eat horribly. My father will not purchase healthy items. My father has caused “physical altercations” with me but I have

called the sheriff and DSS and they do nothing. So I just quit calling. I suppose since we are older and can fight back they can’t see bruising, stupid!
Information about Bryce Michael Hudson age 14, birth 12/1/98.
Bryce attended Carolton OaksSchool in Santee California 849 students, his teacher was Pam Mitchell. He walked to school like me or biked. He was in resource but the school stated he was doing great. Got his big award and I have never seen Bryce so happy as when we lived there. He was on the Santee Rec League baseball team, made ton’s of friends and he had gained a whole new independence due to no seizures. I love my brother and he looked so happy all the time. Soc Service was called by 2 teachers and a parent because my father shoved, grabbed and pushed him on school grounds and dragged him into his car for a scheduled visit. The worker told mom that since he would be returning to NC soon they would not pursue it as he had minimal visits with us anyway. While my father was in California he would tell us we were terrible children and that bryce was an awful son. There was many times that we would leave where we were with our father and call Rick to come and get us. Bryce was diagnosed with Epilepsy in dec 2008 and has had hard times ever since. He had become medicine and seizure free for almost 8 months until the week my father arrived and had my mother put in jail. Bryce started heading downhill. He currently goes to Hayesville Middle School, is failing the grade, no resource classes, was just put into the homework lab 1 day a week for an hour. He has talked to his principal Mickey Noe, Counselor Turner Guidry and Vice Principal Justin Clappsaddle about how unhappy he is. He has told them of abuse from my dad, the torturous things he does. Everything from hitting, threats of a foster home every day and my dad throws water at Bryce when he forgets to take his meds. Of course he forgets, he has seizures!! I have no love nor like my dad. It is my opinion like everything else in clay county it is shoved under the rug and he is told to go back to class. My father abuses him physically, and much more than me. He also tortures bryce mentally such as taking his cell phone, ipod touch so that he can’t communicate with anyone, especially my mom and we are both not allowed to call anyone unless someone is in the room. It is awful. Bryce’s depression is very worrisome to me, he is getting worse and no one cares. He just lays there staring at the ceiling and crying. Bryce has a blonde retriever named Lucky. He was given Lucky 4 years ago and mom was training Lucky to be a seizure service dog. He did not certify with the state because he had a “timid” trait, so lucky just became bryce’s best friend and support. He brings him water bottles, they swim together and sleep together. Bryce has been taken from Lucky and this is huge. My father says “he is a stupid dog and if I see him again I will shoot him”. Bryce does not want to do any sport nor do I believe dad will let him because then he could talk to people and dad does not allow that. We both miss our own bedrooms and our lives with our mom. We cry almost everyday to be with her. Bryces seizures are worsening everyday and now he is on a huge dose of Lamictal. It is sad to watch my brother regress and what will be permanent damage to his brain. All was going great until my father showed up.

There was previous records of abuse from march 2011 with DSS Clay county when my dad tried to get my mom in more trouble like he always does, but no one would do anything then either. He quit showing up for his visitation 5 x before we left in July 2011. He told our therapist Suzy Johnson, that there was no use, we did not like him anyway..he is correct. She told us and my mom that dad was dangerous and that we should do something to get away from him. Todd Goins of DSS and Jennifer ? were handling stuff there. I also think that place is useless for children and I have experience that first hand. I feel sorry for younger children that they don’t help. To see bruises on my brother, picures and have him tell 5 people about our dad hitting and pinning him down and for them to do nothing? Then while we were in California the investigator that was helping us called DSS and Todd said “he is a good parent, suitable for them”. If he would have told the truth California would have over taken jurisdiction based on abuse.
Information on my father, Paul Hudson.Birth 6/14/65.Age 45.
Paul Michael Hudson, 912 N. Brooks Cove Road, Hayesville, NC. Owner of A-Perfect Clean carpet cleaning business and an Ebay business Brentwood Ducks. He hardly ever works he is always hunting and I am not sure how he gets his money. The house is paid off, he has a huge boat in florida like 75ft size and 2 boats in Hayesville. He carries no health insurance for us. I have noticed that he has people pay cash whenever he can I assume to hide from the IRS or whoever. We have had visitation every other weekend forever, my dad would take hunting trips every august for like 5 to 8 weeks, and a lot of times not show up for visits or my nana would show. A lot of times dad was hunting and just could not be bothered. My mom had 100% custody until mar 2011 when my dad hired some big attorney Zeyland McKinney. My mom could not afford it and represented herself for the previous 3 years. My mother only recently told me when I asked about child support. He used to pay $500/mo but then got a judge to order $55/mo. Really? That is crazy. Then he has not paid forever, the judge even wiped stuff off. Mom said that the money does not matter that we are all that matters, I just know it is not right. If you pull records he has had 5 restraining orders from my mom, criminal stalking, TVA violations for no life jackets for minors (he used to tell us we did not need them), confiscation of weapons, hunting out of season and violating restraining orders. He has been ordered by the court anger management but if he did it,that was worthless.
Information on Lawana Bailey Worley, age 50 birthday 1/18/1963.
My mom from San Diego, moved to NC with my dad in dec 1996. She left my dad when I was 18 mos so living with mom and visiting with dad every other weekend was normal. Before we left in July she was a Marketing Director for Brasstown Retirement

Community in Hiawassee, Ga for 8 years. She had her own office and the Manor is owned by Dr. Chris Cates, he ran for Congress a few years ago. She has a culinary arts degree and had owned her own beef jerky business when we were younger. She was married to our step dad Glenn Worley and they divoced last year but are still great friends. When she was diagnosed with the metastatic cancer she waited to leave and the cancer got worse and she was in a lot of pain in her left arm. When we got to San Diego she went to the UCSD Moore’s CancerCenter in La Jolla, they are listed as the top 10. Bryce and I have gone with her many times and it is nice they take good care of people there. She had surgery in sept 2011 and they were supposed to take her left arm off but God saved it. She has also been diagnosed with Pulminary Sarcoidosis which there is no cure. It reacts to people different but with mom it is in her chest and spread to her legs. She is very short of breath and has trouble walking, kind of like MS. She has a team of doctors that keep her going and they can’t believe we are not with her. The spirit of fighting cancer or other diseases is directly affected by support of family. She has her mom and dad there, our grandparents that we are currently not allowed to see nor barely talk to. She has done injection chemo, interferon injection therapies, and currently undergoing scans, tests etc to start treatment for the Sarcoid as best as they can. As of Feb 18, 2012 they are ordering a liver biopsy as they suspect cancer to have surfaced there. My mother is a very strong woman. My dad has put her through torture and she just keeps coming back stronger and I know it is for us. I have the will of a Warrior and I get it from my mom. The people at the cancer center said that we should be with her every step of the way up until the very last minute when ever that maybe. But with our father’s revenge we are unable to be. The thought of not being there if she were to pass makes me outraged! No person should ever be subjected to all the things he has done to my mom from court stuff to jail 2x to all that he does now. She was put in jail in Clay county because after the Judge Walker’s decision I told my dad that I hated him and she said “do you see what you have done to them”, next thing I know is an officer came to the house to arrest my mom because the judge claimed contempt. It was me that shouted my hate for my dad and he punished her as he has done for years! She was in jail 4 days, again stupid! And it was caused by my dad and his handy attorney. I am begging on behalf of my MOM to get us home so that we can be happy.
Where we want to live...Santee California.
When we got to San Diego, mom had a friend Rick Krug. He is an ex-cop with San Diego PD. He added on a room at his house for my room and gave Bryce his own room too. He takes care of my mom great and we love him very much. He is active in everything that we did from swimming to baseball. He was even coach for bryce’s team. He never missed a thing. My mom would come to mostly everything unless she was sick, tired, or the weather was bad. She can’t afford to get sick as the Sarcoid can turn into pneumonia and kill her in days. We live in a small rural suburb of San Diego County, Santee Lakes in 1⁄2 mile walk or bike ride for fishing, and tons of stuff to do. The Teen Center is great, always having fun stuff. There are beaches within 20 minutes or less for

us. Ton’s of community events and opportunities. I can complete my scuba diving certification that I will need for college and attend workshops at Scripps School of Oceanography where I am a member. There is a YMCA 1⁄2 mile from our house and there is ton’s of stuff for bryce to do there. All our friends are always staying the night because they love our mom, she is fun and crazy! She always has some surprise or something up her sleeve. She is so funny and we cry to be with her. Our house is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, have our own pool in the back yard, gazebo and Jacuzzi! We love it, our dogs love it!! We are so happy there and want to go home. PLEASE help us, Please!
I hope I have given you enough additional information . You can reach me by email at You can leave me a message if there is anything else I can help with. All of the information that I have provided is public knowledge via the internet or public court records.
Again, thank you.
Brook and Bryce Hudson
Dear Mr. Governer,
My name is Bryce Hudson and I am 14 years old. I have lived in Hayesville most of my life with my sister, Brook Hudson. My parents have been divorced for about 14 years, and I have lived with my mom. I saw my dad only if it was a good time for him. last year my mom was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor told her she should have been taken care of months ago. she needed to go to a good place that helps people with serious cancer. My mom wanted to be with her family out in californa and found a hospital that works with terminal cancer, but my dad would not let her go and take us with her. My mom was dying and my stupid dad would not let her go to get her treated we begged him and he said no. At that moment I hated my dad more than before. Who does that to my mom? My mom found a great hospital in san Diego where my grandma lives and we left last july 2011. But my mom did let the courts know why she was leaving and where she was going but my dad didn't care. A year later he had her arrested and put in a jail out in californa. Then the jerk came out and brought us back to NC after harassing us, stalking us and being very mean. My dad has told us that we are never going back to be with mom even though she is dying. we need your help, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE!.
We are living in a very small room with bunk beds and i hate having my sister with me in the room. She is 16. and the roof leaks, so when it rains I get wet and so does the carpet and walls. My dad threatens us everyday, and when he is mad at me which is always, he throws water on me. he is just so mean. I hate him so much. I want to be with my mom who is dying and very sick. my dad is sick, but in the head. I watch and there is something wrong with him. when I was out in Ca., i was very happy and liked
school and even got an award for most achedimacally improved. I went up 3 grade levels in one year. I used to have seizures, but they stopped in California for 8 mos and I went off my meds. I even got to walk to the lakes and fish to meet my buddies without my mom tagging along. I love her you know but a man needs his space. now I have them alot since back living with my dad. He has hit me in the past but the DSS people would not help. He has hit me since I have been back and he has twisted my arm so hard I thought it broke, and he does alot of mean things and says mean stuff all the time.
He wants mom to die, I will never see her again, if I disobey he will put us in foster homes, and he takes away my stuff all the time. I miss my dog Lucky and Brook misses her dog Sugar. We left with only a suitcase and all our things are with mom in our own rooms. Please, if you could help me and my sister? we want to be with my dying mother. I don’t know when my mom will die but I know if we were with her it is the medicine she needs. She is a wonder patient they tell her because she fights so hard. no one is listening to us. I think that my dad pays people off to get them to do what they want, we are in a very small town. The judge would not even talk to us. The judge in San Diego said if she had jursdition we would have never had to leave. She told us that she knew we wanted to be with mom and that dad was bad, but she had no choice. I WANT TO GO HOME!!! Help us PLEASE, PLEASE Mr. Governor! my email is or call my sister please. Please help us, Please I pray everyday. I know you have the power to help us and if you help us I will promise to get good grades and try really hard. I just want my mom to hold and hug me, please help me and Brook.
Thank you Mr. Governor, Bryce Michael Hudson

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