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Subreddit of the Day: Give Meta-Canada a Chance!

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UPDATE #1: in a rush to backpedal from their previous disclosure of a secret list, Subreddit of the Day have invented new rules with the express intent of excluding Meta-Canada from winning their award.

This development only serves to further undermine 'Subreddit of the Day's credibility.


As we know, Meta-Canada was selected for the prestigious, diurnal 'Subreddit of the Day' award by the moderation committee. The purpose of this award is to highlight outstanding quality and interest among the fora of popular content-sharing Web site: Reddit.

The members of Meta-Canada were overjoyed when early news of the victory, against stiff competition, was announced by a moderator delegation from Subreddit of the Day.

Unknown to all of us, however, was a secret list maintained by an inner cabal of Subreddit of the Day moderators, on which Meta-Canada had been placed, insidiously named the 'Do Not Feature' list. The celebrations of Meta-Canada members were rudely cut short when their victory was taken from them in a Kafka-esque display of authority without oversight, transparency or recourse.

Why is this important? Because Meta-Canada deserves to be 'Subreddit of the Day' and the only thing stopping this from happing is a secret, arbitrary list held by an inner cabal of moderators and a new set of rules, specifically created with the purpose of excluding Meta-Canada.

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