Junk One China Policy

Junk One China Policy

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Humans of India Social Movement started this petition to Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and

The Galwan Valley Massacre shocked India, but worse, most Indians had no idea where Ladakh was? Another Chinese action shook India during the Doklam faceoff two years ago in 2017. Indian media had to specially create animated maps of  Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the first time. 

Business and political interests made the international community buy the Chinese narrative of “One-China Policy”. China is falsely understood as a large monolithic country like the former Soviet Union, but in reality, China has forcibly angst and occupied its neighbouring countries. India never had any borders with China until Tibet was invaded and occupied by China in 1949-1950. Tibet had been the buffer zone between India, Russia, and China in the Great Game. Initial Indian romance of Mao Zedong’s Communist revolution crafted Hindi - Chini Bhai Bhai policy. India was one of the first to recognize Tibet as a part of China by signing the 1954 Panchsheel agreement. But this China romance didn’t last long as China invaded India from Arunachal giving India a humiliating defeat. To appease China, for 70 years India censored Tibet, India’s largest neighbouring country sharing longest land borders.

But China has never fully acknowledged the sovereignty of India over Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its own and supports Pakistan's claim over Kashmir. So, why India alone should recognize the One China Policy when China isn’t ready to reciprocate the same.

Besides Tibet, China maintains colonial occupation of East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria. East Turkestan is an Islamic country of the Uyghur majority population. On the 1.8 million square km of land China has been mining Oil, Natural gas and gold for China. Suppressing religious and cultural identities in the country China has been running concentration camps with over a million people locked in them. Southern Mongolia has been under Chinese occupation since 1950 while the other part Outer Mongolia has been free, independent and democracy. The pasturelands of Mongolia that spread over 1.2 million square km have been plundered of Oil, natural gas, and uranium by China. Mongolians have been treated as second class citizens. This  August Mongolians rose up in protest against the imposition of Chinese language, especially in the schools. Manchuria is the worst affected by Chinese occupation. Racial discrimination and integration have left only about 5% of Manchurians who can speak their language. 80,000 Square Km of the Manchuria has been plundered of natural resources and used to settle millions of Chinese workers and general civilians. Out of present China’s 9.6 million square km, 6.1 million square km area is of the occupied countries.

The new government, the Republic of China tried to invade Machu’s former colonies like Mongolia and protectorates like Tibet but failed. This failure was marked in national memory and just after forming Mao’s communist government China invaded and occupied its neighbouring countries.

With many countries openly condemning China for COVID-19, the time is ripe for India to review its OCP and along with her allies to maximise the pressure on China and highlight the human right violation on people living under Chinese occupation in world forums. 

Hence, we request the authorities to immediately act and pass the required Government Resolutions to “Uncensor Tibet” and “De-Recognise One China Policy” in letter and spirit. Mandate all elected leaders and people working in an official capacity to recognise Tibet.

We request you all to sign this petition in large numbers and support the cause so that this delicate issue can be enforced through the required government intervention. Being from a land of non-violence, it is our imperative to act and restore world order and peace.




V J Amarnath
Badri Narayanan S 

Endorsed by:

Tenzin Tsundue, Dharamshala (Tibetan Activist)
Prof. Sandeep Pandey, Ph.D., UC Berkeley; Visiting Faculty, IIT Kanpur, IIT Gandhinagar, BHU Varanasi, IIM Ahmedabad (Social Activist)

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