Petition against the cutting of rain trees located on the Eastern side of ChilraiBarraks

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Sub. : Appeal For The Prevention Of Cutting Down "Heritage Trees"/Destroying The Only "Heritage Avenue" Left In Cooch Behar Town Owing To Road Extension.

Respected Sir,

We would like to draw your kind attention towards some of the century old heritage trees located on the Eastern side of  Chilarai   Barracks, Naranarayan Road(marked as nos.116-119), Cooch Behar, West Bengal. These trees, which forms the only "Heritage Avenue" left in Cooch Behar, are commonly known as the Rain tree in English, are called 'Talli' in North and 'Khirish' at South Bengal(Albizia saman, Family : Fabaceae). They were once abundantly found throughout this region and were being planted in the erstwhile State of Cooch Behar as Avenue trees atleast from the second half of nineteenth century. They comprise of a calming umbrageous nature and prepend beauty to the Royal roads of Cooch Behar.

Once they were often found with their mighty trunks standing high on the Cooch Behar town and it's periphery. But, in the past two decades their number has been reduced considerably and now they are nearly extinct in the said area. Some of them also housed(a few are still seen) the Asian openbills or Asian openbill storks(Anastomus oscitans, Family : Ciconiidae), commonly known as 'Shamukkhol' in North Bengal.

Moreover, beautiful epiphytes, such as Orchids and ferns which are often found to grow on them, along with these trees contribute to the study of Botany.

Generally, while constructing foot-paths, roads and drains old trees are spared by shifting or turning the construction works at their stand point, or by erecting permanent barricades around the trees[in case of the construction of High Ways or The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Roads barricades can be erected around them and accidents can be avoided by declaring this particular zone as a 'restricted' or 'protected' zone], these examples are commonly found at Bangalore, which is quite similar to Cooch Behar, despite it's size and population, and even at the bewitching Kharagpur I.I.T. Campus, West Medinipur.

It is for your kind convenience that, on September 2016, the Govt. of N.C.T.(National Capital Territory) of Delhi decided to declare old trees in Delhi and N.C.R.(National Capital Region) to be recognized as the "Natural Heritage" or the "Heritage Trees" and accordingly eightteen(18) trees has been declared as heritage, therefore protected.

Considering their usefulness and importance in maintaining heritage and biodiversity, we shall deem it favour, if you would take kind steps in protecting the above mentioned trees from cutting down by the road development project and declare all of these old trees within the town and it's circumference as Heritage.

For the act of kindness we shall ever pray.


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