License to grow Industrial-Hemp and ban Marijuana (Ganja plant)

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Millions of farmers and other lives will be saved of suicide and debt when the crop Industrial-Hemp will be given licence for cultivation. 

I am Hassain, the Director of Research, South India Industrial Hemp Association. My team is working hard to bring the revolutionary Industrial Hemp crop and completely ban it's narcotic bad cousin Marijuana in the state of Karnataka.

There are about 25000 products that can be made from this crop and it had been partially legal in India due to it's narcotic cousin Marijuana. Some states have started realising the difference between the two crops and provided license and government orders for it's cultivation like the state of Uttrakhand, and Jammu-Kashmir. A good drop in farmer suicide has been witnessed in uttrakhand state as this crop grows up to 12ft height in just 3/4 months and requires little water, pesticides and fertilizer with less maintenance. Moreover it's narcotic effects are extremely negligible which prevents it from the misuse.

From food, shelter, clothing to even automobile industry, this crop is being adopted worldwide in big countries like USA, Canada, Australia, European countries, China ...

Support this petition to establish this crop as a low cost, low maintenance, high yeild, high profits, life changer, future Industrial giant in the state of Karnataka.

(Search the internet for all details of the hemp revolution worldwide, the image of this petition was taken from–_why_it039s_a_really_good_idea