Battlerite Pro League in Asia [ Excluding Korea ]

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The Asian community for Battlerite has always been supportive since it's release in 2016, sticking around through it's up and downs, hopeful for it's future.
However, we have mostly been getting the short end of the stick.

Despite our numerous requests to have Official Tournaments in Asia, our pleas were neglected - and we only had occasional community organized tournaments to fill the void.
Streamers and players from Asia were constantly belittled by counterparts in "Europe, North America, South America" - labelled as inferior players simply because of the lack of a competitive scene.
After more than a years wait, most of our huge pool of talented players have given up on that glimmer of hope, moving on to other games in hopes of finding recognition.
We really wanted to prove ourselves, but we were deprived of any chances to do so.

With the announcement of the Pro League coming to Battlerite, many competitive players have returned, in hopes of having a chance to compete with the best.
Newer players are also motivated to train harder to be a part of a upcoming, thriving e-sports scene.
Based on the number of Asians players playing this game, simply allowing the rest of Asia to participate in the qualifiers will spark the interest of existing and potential players, and the news will spread amongst e-sports enthusiasts like wildfire.

However, with the recent announcement excluding Asia's participation (except for Korea), we feel disappointed, neglected, unacknowledged, beaten - with knowledge of convincing evidence that the rest of us will once again be left out.

I am deeply grateful that you took your precious time to read this, and I sincerely hope, Asian or not, you will feel our equal, burning passion for this game and help us sign this petition to get the the attention and awareness we desperately need. Thank you!

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