Petition to change studylink’s policies

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Studylink gave me 4 days notice through their website (which lets be real no one checks that frequently) that they are stopping my allowance because they need evidence of my weekly income. I ended up getting a lovely lady to help fix it and it was all done painlessly but I would still like to petition to change their policies and ways of going about things. For one I want them to give students at least 2 weeks notice before they decide to take their main source of income away from them so that it gives the student time to fix things. I also want them to call the student as that is the most efficient way of getting the message to them. And while I’m here I also want to petition that studylink considers taking away their policy to check parents income because we all know that screws the student over. My dad is the only one making the money in my house hold and he earns over the threshold so I get a lot less, they forgot to ask however how much of my dad’s money goes to my mum and my brother and to the bills and mortgage so even if he wanted to he can’t pay for me too so parent income checks are stupid - I get the point behind them but I don’t want them.